IBM System Storage N series with MetroCluster high-availability and disaster recovery solution

Fast failover with synchronous replication for rapid recovery and business continuance


The challenge: Support high availability and business continuance

Organizations recognize the importance of having a solid business continuance plan in place to deal with a disaster. The potential cost of not having one—lost productivity, revenue, customer loyalty and possibly even business failure—makes it mandatory to have a plan that helps you avoid downtime and loss of data and facilitates rapid recovery from a disaster.

But such plans, often with added high-availability requirements, can be costly and difficult to implement and administer. They can also be complicated by a storage infrastructure that includes data centers at sites located miles apart. The data at the remote site needs to be kept up-to-date so that it can serve as the principal data in case of a disaster at the primary site.

The solution: IBM System Storage N series with MetroCluster for rapid recovery

MetroCluster is an integrated high-availability and business continuance solution that leverages industry-proven technologies. It expands the capabilities of the comprehensive IBM System Storage™ N series portfolio of high-availability and disaster recovery solutions that offer failover, data replication, and backup capabilities. MetroCluster is designed to extend the ability to failover from within a data center to a site located many miles away as it replicates data from the primary to the remote site. This combination of failover and data replication can help you recover from disaster—and avoid loss of data—frequently in minutes rather than hours or days. The built-in simplicity of MetroCluster is designed to allow you to quickly failover to a remote site and continue operations while turning your attention back to critical business decisions.

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