Data ONTAP for IBM System Storage N series

Highly scalable and flexible operating system for IBM System Storage N series systems


The challenge: Managing explosive growth and rapid change

In today's rapidly changing business climate, your enterprise demands cost-effective, flexible data management solutions that can help handle the unpredictable and explosive growth of storage in your heterogeneous environment. To enable enterprise-wide data management, support business continuance, and improve resource utilization, you need a flexible and scalable storage network solution-one that can also offer options to help reduce complexity and costs.

The solution: Flexible management for Windows and open environments

IBM® System Storage™ N series systems employ Data ONTAP™, a highly scalable and flexible operating system that is designed to support the use of network filers, such as those in the IBM System Storage N series, in heterogeneous host environments. Data ONTAP offers flexible management and high availability options to support business continuance, thereby helping to reduce storage management complexity in your enterprise. Data ONTAP is designed for use in UNIX®, Windows®, and Web (http) environments, providing the foundation to build your storage infrastructure.

Robust scalability and flexible management

The innovative Data ONTAP architecture is designed to deliver scalable performance and support a flexible storage environment, allowing IBM System Storage N series systems to serve a range of needs, from small workgroups to enterprise data centers. N series systems can store and serve applications, consolidate data and support reliable data access throughout the enterprise.

The Data ONTAP operating system can help simplify management and improve storage utilization by combining innovative file-system technology and a microkernel design to enable features such as:

Flexible data management. Data ONTAP supports the implementation of efficient storage environments with flexible volumes that don't require pre-partitioning. These capabilities can enable you to tailor data management to the requirements of each data set, respond quickly to changing needs of the enterprise, and help reduce implementation and management overhead.

Impressive scalability. Data ONTAP takes advantage of multiple processors to help deliver attractive performance. You can consolidate multiple terabytes of data onto a single appliance, making IBM System Storage N series systems a good fit for a variety of database, messaging, Web and other applications.

Heterogeneous access. Data ONTAP provides data access using block- and file-level protocols from the same hardware platform. IBM System Storage N series systems provide block-level data access over a Fibre Channel SAN fabric using FCP and over an IP-based Ethernet network using iSCSI. File access protocols such as NFS, CIFS, HTTP or FTP provide file-level access over an IP-based Ethernet network. Additionally, SecureShare® cross-protocol locking provides heterogeneous data sharing while supporting security, compatibility and performance.

Flexibility, availability and reliability

IBM System Storage N series systems can help reduce costly downtime and improve access to mission-critical data. A combination of standard features and optional software capabilities allows Data ONTAP to support high availability for mission-critical applications. Features include:

The WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system. Supports a high-level of data availability while providing dynamic and flexible data storage volumes using FlexVol™ technology, as well as data protection using integrated, nonvolatile RAM and block-level checksum capability.

Support for business continuance and data retention. In today's business environment, lengthy disruptions to information access and noncompliance with records retention regulations are of increasing concern. Data ONTAP incorporates several innovative features to support disaster-tolerant data protection and recovery to help improve business continuance. It also provides disk-based, non-erasable, non-rewritable (WORM) data for the retention of reference data.

Integrated RAID. Data ONTAP is designed to provide cost-effective protection against disk failures and errors using double-parity RAID to help reduce disruption of service to users.

Lowering total cost of ownership. Data ONTAP can help reduce the complexity of deploying, administering and managing the storage infrastructure in your enterprise, enabling greater efficiency and productivity within your organization.

Easy to deploy. Data ONTAP can integrate into existing UNIX and Windows environments by utilizing standard naming and authentication services. Additionally, Data ONTAP incorporates a setup wizard to quickly complete basic configuration and installation.

Easy to manage. Wizard-based tools guide you through common management operations. DataFabric® Manager supports centralized, multi-appliance management throughout your network.

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