AutoSupport service for IBM System Storage N series

Continuously monitor the health of your storage system


The challenge: How to head off potential problems before they become disasters

Simplicity. That’s what you really want in the products you buy and the services you need. However, today’s storage networks are growing increasingly complex as organizations face the competing challenges of meeting growing data storage requirements while providing for the high availability and reliability of information. Your data needs to be processed, stored, and accessed on a continuous basis. What you really need is the ability to automatically and proactively avoid possible downtime problems—before they turn into full-scale business disasters.

The solution: Automatic support designed to provide constant monitoring of your storage investment

AutoSupport Service for IBM® System Storage™ N series is designed to continuously monitor the health of your storage system using a sophisticated, event-driven logging agent featured in the Data ONTAP™ operating system inside each N series storage system. It allows your IT staff and IBM Support to keep a watchful eye on a multitude of preset conditions. It is designed to automatically send a status message to a centralized IBM support center—and your system administrator, if desired—so you may take immediate action to correct potential problems. AutoSupport helps your staff monitor your storage environment to keep it working at top efficiency. It helps you anticipate needs before they become issues. Continuous updates to the rules-based AutoSupport processing platform allow you to take advantage of IBM’s solution database and proactive notification.

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