IBM Real-time Compression

Storage efficiency solutions for primary active data

The IBM Real-time Compression STN6500 Appliance has been withdrawn from the market, effective February 5, 2013. This product has been replaced with the STN7800 Appliance.

Models STN6500

IBM STN6500 has 2 × Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz processors.

Cache per controller

72 GB

Host interface


Drive interface

NAS: Microsoft® CIFS and NFS version 3


IBM STN6500 supports 16 × 1 GbE ports for NAS connections.

Fans and power supplies

Hot-swappable N+1 fans and power supply units

Rack support

2 Rack Unit form factor per appliance (3.36" or 85.3 mm)

Management software
High Availability

1 year 9 × 5 next business day, upgrade to 24 hour × 7 days a week × 4 hour