IBM System Storage N3000 Express

Advanced system designed to enable outstanding, cost-effective deployment versatility

IBM System Storage N3000 Express series software features at-a-glance
Software Description Benefit
AV Connector‡‡ Off-box anti-virus solution
Clustered Data ONTAP* Clustered architecture operating system (OS) provides up to 4 storage controllers (or nodes) managed as a single logical pool§§ Can help eliminate planned and unplanned downtime for continuous business availability; can scale SAN and NAS from terabytes to tens of petabytes without disrupting running applications
Data compression Encodes information Transparent inline data compression can store more data in less space, reducing the amount of storage you need to purchase and maintain and reducing the time and bandwidth required to replicate data during volume SnapMirror transfers
Deduplication Performs block-level data deduplication on NearStore data volumes Volume data is automatically scanned and deduplicated, resulting in immediate space savings with minimal impact on operations
Data ONTAP System Storage N series storage OS provides full-featured and single-code data management for file-serving environments that support block-level service Single architecture and user interface simplify data management and reduce costs for network-attached storage (NAS) and SAN deployment
Disk sanitization Physically obliterates data by overwriting disks with specified byte patterns or random data Helps prevent recovery of current data by any known recovery methods
Flash Pool*** Enables automated storage tiering and combines flash and hard disk drive (HDD) technology. Helps to achieve optimal performance and efficiency while lowering the cost of the storage infrastructure
FlexCache Creates a flexible caching layer within your storage infrastructure that automatically adapts to changing usage patterns to eliminate bottlenecks Intended to improve application response times for large compute farms, speed data access for remote users or create a tiered storage infrastructure that circumvents tedious data management tasks
FlexClone Instantaneously creates logical unit number (LUN) and volume clones without requiring additional storage Provides accelerated test and development, and storage capacity savings
FlexShare Prioritizes storage resource allocation to highest-value workloads on a heavily loaded system Ensures best performance for designated high-priority applications
FlexVol Creates flexibly sized LUNs and volumes across a large pool of disks and one or more RAID groups Enables fast, simple and flexible storage provisioning and high-capacity utilization
MultiStore Securely partitions a storage system into multiple virtual storage appliances Enables secure consolidation of multiple domains and file servers
OnCommand Simplifies storage administration with an easy approach, presenting a consolidated view of key management elements that reduces system footprint and complexity Enables the consolidation and simplification of shared IT storage management by providing common management services, integration, security and role-based access controls delivering greater flexibility and efficiency
NearStore (nearline) Increases the maximum number of concurrent data streams (per storage controller) Enhances backup, data protection and disaster preparedness by increasing the number of concurrent data streams between two N series systems
RAID-DP Offers double parity bit and RAID protection (N series RAID 6 implementation) Protects against data loss due to double disk failures and media bit errors occurring during the drive rebuild processes
SecureAdmin Authenticates both the administrative user and the N series system, creating a secure, direct communication link to the N series system Helps protect administrative logins, passwords and session commands from “cleartext” snooping by replacing remote shell (rsh) and telnet with the strongly encrypted Secure Shell (SSH) protocol
Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR) for Exchange Enables the recovery of a single mailbox from a Microsoft Exchange Information Store Can extract a single mailbox or email directly in minutes compared to hours with traditional methods; helps eliminate the need for IT staff-intensive, complex and time-consuming exchange server and mailbox recovery
SnapDrive Provides host-based data management of N series storage from Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux servers Simplifies host-consistent Snapshot copy creation and automates error-free restores
SnapLock (requires Data ONTAP 8.1.1 or later version)§ Write-protects structured application data files within a volume to provide Write Once Read Many (WORM) disk storage Provides storage enabling compliance with government records-retention regulations
SnapManager Provides host-based data management of N series storage for databases and business applications Simplifies application-consistent Snapshot copies, automates error-free data restores and enables application-aware disaster recovery
SnapMirror§ Enables automatic, incremental data replication between systems: synchronous or asynchronous Provides flexible, space- and network-efficient site-to-site mirroring for disaster recovery and data distribution
SnapMover Enables rapid, nondisruptive reassignment of disks between controllers within a system Enables fast, nondisruptive load balancing within an active-active controller system
SnapRestore Rapidly restores single files, directories, or entire LUNs and volumes from any Snapshot backup Enables near-instantaneous recovery of files, databases and complete volumes
Snapshot Creates incremental, data-in-place, point-in-time copies of a LUN or volume with minimal performance impact Enables frequent, nondisruptive, space-efficient and quickly restorable backups
SnapValidator Maximizes data integrity for Oracle Database Enhances Oracle Database resiliency in compliance with Oracle HARD initiative
SnapVault Exports Snapshot copies to another N series system, providing an incremental block-level backup solution Enables cost-effective, long-term retention of rapidly restorable disk-based backups
Storage encryption Prevents unauthorized access to data storage Provides support for self-encrypting drives (SEDs) in N series disk shelf storage and integration with license key managers including IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
SyncMirror§ Maintains two online copies of data with RAID-DP protection on each side of the mirror Protects against all types of hardware outages, including triple disk failure
Software packs Simplifies ordering of combinations of software features: Foundation Pack (SnapRestore, SnapVault Primary), Protection Pack (SnapMirror, SnapVault Secondary) and Advanced Pack (FlexClone, MultiStore and SnapLock) Provides flexibility to take advantage of breakthrough capabilities while maximizing value with a considerable discount
Software bundles Microsoft Windows bundle: (CIFS, SnapRestore, SnapVault Primary and Secondary, SnapMirror, SnapDrive for UNIX and Windows, IBM Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO, SnapManager [for all products, including Microsoft Hyper-V] and SMBR for Exchange)
Server virtualization bundle: (NFS, SnapRestore, SnapVault Primary, and Secondary, SnapMirror, SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructures and for Microsoft Hyper-V, SnapDrive for UNIX and Windows, and Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO)
Complete bundle: (NFS, CIFS, SnapRestore, SnapVault Primary and Secondary, SnapMirror, FlexClone, MultiStore, SnapLock, SnapManager for all products, including Microsoft Hyper-V, SnapDrive for UNIX and Windows [Filer], SMBR for Exchange and Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO)
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