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Why IBM media?

IBM understands that data is the lifeblood of any business. Data includes proprietary information and technology, as well as confidential information about your customers and employees. Data enables businesses to innovate. Data enables businesses to gain competitive advantage. And failure to properly safeguard that data can lead to business disruption, lost productivity, negative customer satisfaction, and penalties from regulatory violations. Furthermore data loss can hamper growth, undermine profitability and ultimately threaten the survival of your business. And with data doubling approximately every two years, it’s no wonder that today’s executives and compliance officers worry about how to secure and protect their data.

To help address these issues, IBM storage media solutions are designed to help reduce your costs while providing you with the assurance that your data is safe and secure. You see, IBM understands that when storing back up and archival information on tape, customers are committing vital information to a medium that can vary widely in both quality of the cartridge and quality of the tape media itself. That is why since 1952, IBM has continually raised the bar when it comes to tape storage and media innovation. We have created standards, supported standard and have been issued numerous patents to enhance standards.

With 60 years of tape storage innovation, it’s safe to say that few media suppliers if any have the depth of knowledge and experience that IBM has. This rich history of innovation enables us to continually raise the bar on protecting your data. IBM has established new benchmarks in storage media because we believe that superior media quality is one of its biggest differentiators especially when used with IBM tape hardware.

IBM tape drive technology and IBM media – A winning combination.

There are three specific technologies built into IBM 3592 and LTO tape drives that are designed to reduce media wear and tear.

IBM branded media is designed to take advantage of these hardware innovations to help prolong media life. In addition, IBM 3592 and LTO media is manufactured using an advanced slitting process designed to provide improved tape edge quality. This, combined with the air control flange built into the drive, can help reduce debris buildup.

IBM tests its media extensively on IBM tape drives and libraries.

As you consider your media vendor, please consider the following questions

  1. What quality control procedures are in place for media?
  2. How is the media designed for IBM hardware?
  3. What type of testing is performed on the media?
  4. What percentage of media is fully tested?

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