3996 Optical Cartridge

Ultra Density Optical (UDO) disc technology for reliable, long-term archival storage

Description 5.25" Optical Disk 130mm PWORM 2048 Bytes/Sector - 5.2GB 8X
Rewritable Optical Data Cartridge P/N 23R2568
WORM Optical Data Cartridge P/N 23R2567
Native capacity 30GB
Load / unload 40,000
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Physical characteristics
Single cartridge dimensions LxHxW (mm): 5.44x6.25x0.4
Weight (g): 206.9
10-Pack Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 147x143x166
Weight (g): 2,171.3
40-Pack Dimensions LxHxW (mm): 312x302x184
Weight (g): 8,656.0
Operating Environment
Temperature 5 to 55°C (41 to 131°F)
Humidity 3 to 85% RH, non-condensing

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