IBM 3592 Tape Cartridge

High-capacity tape media designed for reliability



IBM 3592 Tape Cartridges are designed to work with IBM® System Storage® TS1140, TS1130 and TS1120 Tape Drives (TS1140 tape drive, TS1130 tape drive, TS1120 tape drive) and the IBM TotalStorage 3592 Tape Drive Model J1A (3592 J1A tape drive).

Cartridges are available in three generations, and in either Rewriteable or Write Once, Read Many (WORM) formats. The new 3592 cartridges for the TS1140 tape drive are available at 4TB (JC and JY) and 500MB (JK) will provide best-in-class performance of up to 250 MBps. Other 3592 cartridges are available for the TS1130, TS1120 and the 3592 J1A tape drives.

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