Storage financing solutions

Get the IT infrastructure you need at a lower cost
and within budget

A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease from IBM Global Financing can be a key part of your strategy to shrink your growing IT costs: you pay only for the use of the technology, not its ownership. In fact, an FMV lease in many cases provides the lowest cost option for your IT infrastructure. It can also provide:

  • Predictable monthly payments, to help lower financial risk compared to large upfront payments
  • Capacity additions or upgrades, often at little or no increase in your current monthly payments
  • Cash conservation, to use for other strategic needs and investments

The end result is that a leasing strategy from IBM Global Financing can give you the flexibility and purchasing power to help you gain competitive advantage.

Make leasing part of your IT Storage Strategy. And get the equipament you need while managing your costs. Many companies are facing the challenge to innovate and grow in an era of flat IT budgets. Storage budgets remain flat despite growing storage needs¹. Get the most out of your storage hardware investments trhough leasing. Fair Market Value leasing provides savings of up to 12%² over outright purchase conserving cash for you to invest in other areas of your business. Savings onver time. And reduce technology obselescence risk. If upgrade for your equipament became available during your lease period, you can take advantage of them, often at the same monthly payments. IBM Global Financing offers 3 end-of-lease options. Purchase it outright at the then-current fair market value. Continue with monthly payments until an acquisition decision is made. Return the used equipament and let IGF handle the compliance and disposal at the conclusion of the contract. Sources. 1. IDC Predictions 2012, Competing for 2020, document #231720, December 2011. 2. Represents Net Present Value savings over a 36 months period for an IBM hardware Fair Market Value lease from IBM Global Financing with a "best credit" customer and including an assumed value for the customer's cost of the US prime rate. IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions wordwide to qualidies commercial and government clients. Ratoes and availability are based on a client's credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipament and product type and options, and may vary be contry. Non-hardware items must be one-time, non-recurring charges and are financed by means of loans. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subjecs to change, extension or withdraw without notice and may not be available in all contries.

Make leasing part of your IT Storage Strategy. And get the equipament you need while managing your costs.