IBM FlashSystem V840
Enterprise Performance Solution

Accelerate applications and improve data economics with flash storage and advanced data services

IBM FlashSystem™ V840 beats disk storage across the board. More benefits for the same capacity -- at a lower acquisition cost. Lower cost than disk. 19% more energy-efficient performance. 25% less rack space. 5x the overall performance.

IBM FlashSystem V840 software-defined flash accelerates critical business applications and through the use of Real-time Compression™ delivers flash for less than the cost of disk.

IBM Fellow, Andy Walls, talks FlashSystem V840 and the benefits of software-defined flash

Silverton Consulting explores the benefits of storage virtualization and IBM FlashSystem V840

Drive new business opportunities with advanced data services

Client quotes

"...the 75% compression rate with the 7 TB Oracle database exceeded expectations."

- Steve Gath, Senior Director of Performance and Data Management
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

[A&P] selected the FlashSystem V840 because of IBM's stability and continuing investment in flash, and ...views the IBM FlashSystem V840 as a long-term investment."

- Richard Angelillo, Vice President Information Services
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

"IBM FlashSystem Enterprise Solution accelerates some SAP ERP processing jobs by up to 90 percent. "

– Luc Greefs, Director
– Cloud Services, Cegeka

"Our mission statement is to make, sell and deliver Coca-Cola Company products better than anyone else. By using IBM FlashSystem to accelerate our insights into customer demand, we’re better placed than ever before to offer unbeatable levels of service to our customers across the United States."

– Tom DeJuneas, Infrastructure Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

"It was very easy to integrate IBM FlashSystem into our existing IBM SAN Volume Controller environment. For most systems, we let the IBM EasyTier technology determine which systems and data benefit most from the flash performance."

– Roland Wagner, Team Lead Systems, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

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