IBM FlashSystem 840

Accelerate business with the extreme performance of a data center-optimized, all-flash system


To build a sustainable advantage in a world of 24x7 continuous operations, organizations of all sizes, from small to enterprise, must adopt a data agenda to extract the full value of their vast and complex data sets. Because data is the new business currency, organizations must quickly and efficiently transact, analyze and gain actionable insight from it to fully capitalize on its value. The IBM FlashSystem™ family empowers organizations to take advantage of best-in-breed solutions that provide extreme performance, macro efficiency and microsecond response times. As a result, these organizations can quickly harness the value of data within their data architecture—and be better positioned to compete, innovate and grow in today’s real-time world.

IBM FlashSystem 840 is data center-optimized to strategically harness the value of stored data. By providing extreme performance for the most demanding applications, including online-transaction processing and analytics databases, virtual desktop infrastructures, technical-computing applications, and cloud environments, FlashSystem 840 delivers a competitive advantage for today’s organizations. The IBM system reduces response times with MicroLatency—that is, less than 135-microsecond access times. It is this consistent low latency that enables FlashSystem to deliver application performance improvements.