IBM XIV Storage System

Powerful, cloud-optimal enterprise storage primed for a dynamic world


IBM XIV® is a high-end disk storage system that delivers “no excuses,” predictable and consistent high performance, extreme ease of use and excellent data economics. It is ideal for cloud, with easy provisioning, autonomic data placement, and game-changing GUI. XIV also provides high service levels for dynamic, mixed workloads as well as efficient deployments tapping rich OpenStack, hypervisor and other integrations. It offers secure, elastic scaling and data protection through data-at-rest encryption and IBM Hyper-Scale. XIV’s unique grid architecture is at the root of the system's far-reaching customer value. Industry benchmarks and ESRP results underscore stellar XIV performance and cost benefits for your organization.

openstack. CLOUD SOFTWARE.

XIV is primed for cloud scaling – with OpenStack, self provisioning, and 800 GB flash caching power

Top ESRP results for Exchange 2013

IBM XIV handles 120,000 mailboxes like a breeze – with no tuning.

IBM XIV benefits

Tuning-free high performance
Grid design and automation drives high service levels with zero tuning

Exceptional reliability
Five-nines design, self-healing, and rebuilds of under an hour (!) spell peace of mind

Ease of use
Easy migration, provisioning, and data-center wide management in a GUI customers love

Cloud agile
Elastic, simple, and hotspot-free XIV eases your journey to cloud

Easy-to-implement solutions
Hosts, hypervisors, applications, and tools integrate smoothly and cost-efficiently

Winning TCO
Cash in with low-cost per TB, ease of use, and environmental benefits

IBM XIV success stories

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Anadolubank banks on a private cloud with XIV and VMware

Turkish bank speeds up provisioning of new services by 94 percent

Baptist Health South Florida

Baptist Health of Florida slashes energy use by 55%

Healthcare leader runs Cerner Millennium EMR on XIV and IBM Power 780

Watch the video.

niu scales cloud to new heights with XIV

IT services provider flies high on low TCO for MS Exchange, Oracle, and SQL


Clarks steps up its storage game

Shoe retailer finds XIV and Power a perfect fit for SAP and cuts management time by 75%

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