IBM XIV Storage System

Powerful, cloud-agile enterprise storage primed for a dynamic world


IBM XIV® is a high-end, grid-scale disk storage system that stands out for tuning-free high performance, extreme ease of use, and excellent data economics. It is ideal for cloud, offering high service levels for dynamic workloads, easy hyper-scaling including in multi-tenant environments, and flexible consumption models – and robust cloud automation and orchestration through OpenStack, RESTful API, and VMware. It offers security and data protection through advanced mirroring, hot encryption and self-healing, and XIV storage abstraction through vSphere VASA 2.0 support. Industry benchmarks underscore stellar XIV performance and cost benefits.

And now, in seamless solutions with IBM Spectrum Accelerate™, the newest member of the IBM Spectrum Storage™ family of software defined storage, IBM XIV offers even greater operational agility across your data center while enabling rapid and cost-saving deployment of hybrid clouds.

IBM XIV highlights

Tuning-free high performance
Grid design and automation drives high service levels with zero tuning

Exceptional security and reliability
3-way mirror, 5 nines design, self-healing, and < 1 hour rebuilds spell... peace of mind

Ease of use
Easy migration and provisioning, and Hyper-Scale management in a GUI customers love

Cloud agile
Elastic, hotspot-free, and with robust multi-tenancy XIV eases your journey to cloud

Easy-to-implement solutions
Hosts, hypervisors, applications, and tools integrate smoothly and cost-efficiently

Winning TCO
Cash in with low-cost per TB, ease of use, and environmental benefits

IBM XIV client experience

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Cegeka builds fast, scalable cloud services on XIV

Belgian MSP cuts cloud risk with XIV and pay-as-you-grow consumption model

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Anadolubank banks on a private cloud with XIV and VMware

Turkish bank speeds up provisioning of new services by 94 percent

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Netflix beats SLAs with 10x performance

Leading internet subscription provider uses XIV for greater business value

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niu scales cloud to new heights with XIV

IT services provider flies high on low TCO for MS Exchange, Oracle, and SQL

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