IBM Storwize V5000

Outstanding benefits with greater flexibility for midsized businesses


Organizations of all sizes are faced with a tidal wave of data coming from myriad new sources, including sensors, social media, mobile platforms and more. And while the sheer volume of this new data may seem overwhelming, the value of information is stronger than ever—some even consider it the new currency of business. To help maximize the benefits of growing amounts of data, businesses are turning to software-defined environments, which can provide flexibility and responsiveness to business demands—along with higher scalability and greater efficiency.

The IBM Storwize family is the primary IBM storage solution for supporting software-defined environments and virtual infrastructures. Storwize V5000, the latest addition to the family, is a virtualized, flexible, easy-to-use solution that enables midsized organizations with complex storage and scalability needs to overcome storage challenges. As an intermediate offering, Storwize V5000 is designed to help consolidate and provide new capabilities to existing storage infrastructures. And because of its flexible licensing options, Storwize V5000 is simple to deploy with complementary storage solutions, such as IBM ProtecTIER®.

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