IBM System Storage DS8000 series

Enable your infrastructure for systems of insight with next-generation enterprise storage

Models DS8870 (961, 96E)
Shared SMP processor configuration IBM POWER7+ dual 2-core, 4-core, 8-core or 16-core
Other major processors IBM PowerPC®, ASICs
Processor memory for cache and nonvolatile storage (minimum/maximum) 16 GB/1,024 GB
Host adapter interfaces 4- and 8-port 8 Gbps or 4-port 16 Gbps
Fibre Channel/IBM FICON
Host adapters (minimum/maximum) 2/16
Host ports (minimum/maximum) 8/128
Drive interface 6 Gbps point-to-point switched SAS-2 connection to an 8 Gbps Fibre Channel backbone
Device adapters Up to 16 4-port, 8 Gbps
Fibre Channel paths
Maximum physical storage capacity* 3,072 TB
Disk sizes 400 GB flash cards (High-Performance Flash Enclosure)
200 GB flash drives
800 GB flash drives
1.6 TB flash drives
146 GB (15k rpm)
300 GB (15k rpm)
600 GB (15k rpm)
600 GB (10k rpm)
1.2 TB (10k rpm)
4 TB (7.2k rpm and 3.5-inch form factor)
RAID levels 5, 6, 10
Dimensions (height × width × depth) 193.4 cm × 84.8 cm × 122.7 cm (76.14 in. × 33.39 in. × 48.31 in.) per frame, up to four frames total
Maximum weight 1,259 kg (2,775 lb) base frame
1,157 kg (2,545 lb) first expansion
1,068 kg (2,355 lb) additional frames
Dry bulb temperature 16°C – 32°C (60°F – 90°F)
Relative humidity 20% – 80%
Power supply Configurations: single-phase or three-phase 50/60 Hz
Caloric value BTU/hr. (maximum) 25,000 (961 frame)
19,605 (96E frame)
Electrical power kva (maximum) 7,3 (961 rack)
5,8 (96E rack)
Warranty All models: customer-replaceable unit (CRU) and onsite service, same day, 24×7
4 years on type 2424 models
3 years on type 2423 models
2 years on type 2422 models
1 year on type 2421 models
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