IBM Storage

Transform your data economics with Smarter Storage


IT infrastructure matters

Digital content will rocket to 8 zetabytes by 2015. The economic impact of how you leverage data is more important to your business than ever. Smarter Storage can help you achieve better data economics.

Unleash business critical data and handle the most demanding workloads

IBM DS8870®

Get the ultimate in performance, resiliency and data economics with flash-optimized systems.

Gain performance and efficiency with a scalable cloud infrastructure


Boost your cloud economics. Turbocharge cloud deployments with 800GB flash cache. Use XIV with SmartCloud Storage Access for empowering self-service.

IBM SmartCloud® Virtual Storage Center

Reduce cloud data management costs by up to 50 percent with automated, cross-platform Tiered Storage Optimizer.

Start quickly and add value for better IT economics

IBM Storwize® V5000

The newest Storwize family member delivers key efficiency capabilities and higher flexibility for midsized businesses.

IBM Storwize platform

Reduce remote mirroring costs with IP replication. Increase performance with twice the amount of flash storage.

Storwize platform Software Defined Storage offers rapid integration of new third-party technologies such as Bridgeworks SAN Slide network optimization for remote mirroring.