Announcement: New IBM Spectrum Storage Suite: Streamline your migration to hybrid cloud storage

The new IBM Spectrum Storage Suite:

A Tale of Two Cities

Availability of Spectrum Scale 4.2
Beta Program for cloud and object tiering

IBM Spectrum Scale. High performance, highly scalable data management.

Voice recognition software company Nuance tackles massive data growth with scale-out storage

Join the Spectrum Scale Beta Program:

IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) now supports
unified file, object and hadoop storage

IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) now:

IBM Spectrum Archive provides cost-effective tape storage for cloud

IBM Spectrum Archive: cost-effective storage for the cloud

IBM Spectrum Archive:

IBM Spectrum Virtualize 7.6 delivers better data value,
data security, and data simplicity for storage you already own

The new IBM Spectrum Virtualize 7.6:

IBM Spectrum Scale. High performance, highly scalable data management.

IBM Spectrum Accelerate delivers quickly deployed enterprise-grade
block storage capabilities as software, as a service, and as a building block

Executing a global cloud storage strategy with IBM Spectrum Accelerate

IBM Spectrum Accelerate:

IBM Spectrum Protect delivers advanced data protection capabilities entirely in software

IBM Spectrum Protect provides:

IBM Spectrum Control: a new advanced edition

IBM Spectrum Control:

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Enhances data security with data encryption on virtualized storage.

IBM DS8880

Accelerates business critical applications up to 2 times.

IBM TS4500

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