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Spend less on your software defined IT infrastructure using IBM Spectrum Computing solutions

Workload Management solutions for demanding HPC environments

IBM Spectrum Computing offers a range of workload management capabilities for demanding, distributed HPC environments. With a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features, you can get the most out of your compute resources and data management infrastructure to improve application performance.

Growing data & application demands are driving the need for more compute capacity

Businesses in nearly every industry are dealing with growing data volumes and a simultaneous rise in application demands. These challenges drive the need for more and more compute capacity. Even in traditional high performance computing (HPC) environments, multiple compute silos, uneven processing, design cycle problems and delayed results are common. Today, you need ways to improve IT performance, reduce infrastructure costs and expenses, and bring your products to market faster.

Take advantage of your compute resources and ensure optimal application performance.

The IBM Spectrum Computing family offers a range of workload management capabilities. The IBM Spectrum LSF product family is a powerful workload management platform for demanding, distributed and mission-critical HPC environments. It provides a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features that enable you to talk full advantage of your compute infrastructure resources and ensure optimal application performance. A highly scalable and available architecture allows you to schedule complex workloads, and manage up to petaflop-scale resources. Download Datasheet (PDF, 744KB)

IBM Spectrum Symphony software can deliver faster, better quality results–even while using less infrastructure. With the flexibility to adapt when priorities change, IBM Spectrum Symphony can reallocate over 1,000 compute engines per second to different workloads depending on policies and priorities you define. This translates into better application performance, better utilization and an ability to respond quickly to business-critical demands. The Advanced Edition of IBM Spectrum Symphony includes an Apache Hadoop-compatible MapReduce implementation optimized for low latency, reliability and resource sharing. Download Datasheet (PDF, 724KB)

IBM Spectrum HPC provides easy-to-use cluster provisioning and management and includes a robust workload scheduling capability, which is based on IBM Spectrum LSF. By scheduling workloads intelligently according to policy, IBM Spectrum HPC improves end user productivity with minimal system administrative effort. In addition, HPC user teams can interact with intuitive application-centric interfaces and easily share computing resources and data, while reducing time between simulation iterations. Download Datasheet (PDF, 738KB)

Reduce HPC costs and improve productivity

IBM Spectrum Computing workload management solutions can help you get the most out of your HPC investment by taking full advantage of all technical computing resources—from application software licenses to available network bandwidth. IBM Spectrum solutions can help:

Workload Management tools designed to address your needs

IBM Spectrum Computing provides a comprehensive set of workload management capabilities; all designed to work together to address your needs.

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