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Cloud Computing Solutions for High-Performance Computing Environments

The benefits of cloud computing are well-known—efficiency, flexibility, high utilization—but have been difficult to achieve in technical and high-performance computing (HPC) environments, including those used for analytics and Hadoop workloads. IBM Spectrum Computing solutions for private, hybrid and public cloud are designed to deliver high-performance resources that support your requirements while delivering the advantages of cloud.

Enabling high performance application users to benefit from cloud

The extraordinary performance demands that engineering, scientific, analytics, research and Hadoop workloads place upon IT infrastructure have historically meant that these workloads were not suitable for cloud deployments, especially those that use virtualization technology. However, cloud management software and non-virtualized, bare-metal, cloud-based infrastructure is now available, and high performance application users can benefit from the flexibility, cost-efficiencies and improved resource-sharing that cloud provides.

Transform static computing resources into flexible high performance clouds

Faster answers, lower costs

IBM Spectrum Computing cloud solutions for high performance cloud transform static computing resources into flexible private, hybrid and public clouds that can be shared, remotely managed and easily provisioned to support the demands of technical computing, analytics, Hadoop and other compute- and data-intensive workloads.

Based on proven workload, resource and data management technology, IBM Spectrum Computing solutions for private cloud have intuitive and versatile user interfaces, automated workload-based virtual and physical machine provisioning, robust resource-aware job scheduling and migration, and powerful self-service deployment capabilities to help ensure departmental, enterprise or community resources are optimally distributed and easy to manage. The tools are designed so you can align resources with project priorities and realize improved operational and cost-efficiencies while achieving business goals unattainable with other management systems.

For hybrid and public cloud deployments, versatile, application-ready cloud services that are optimized for Hadoop, analytics and technical computing workloads enable organizations to easily meet additional resource demands without the cost of purchasing or managing in-house infrastructure. The services includes market-leading workload and data management software delivered as a service, as well as dedicated, bare metal SoftLayer infrastructure. The entire cluster is fully supported by IBM’s high-performance cloud experts. Organizations using the services can easily meet additional resource demands without the cost of purchasing or managing in-house infrastructure, minimizing their administrative burden and quickly addressing evolving business needs.

Enhancing your IT infrastructure with cloud technologies

By applying cloud technologies and standards to Hadoop, analytics and technical computing infrastructures, your organization benefits from:

A comprehensive set of capabilities designed to work together to address your high performance cloud needs

Application-ready clusters in the cloud

IBM Spectrum Computing offers a comprehensive set of cloud capabilities designed to work together to address your high-performance cloud needs. Organizations have a choice of five cloud services, which are available for deployment as part of a public or hybrid cloud:

Dynamic, flexible private clouds

Offerings for private cloud environments include the following options that help improve time to solution for HPC workloads:

Workload management

Automated provisioning and workload migration

Graphical job submission and process management

Self-service cluster creation

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