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Message Passing Interface (MPI) is essential to accelerate compute-intensive applications, especially in scientific research or computational science. A suboptimized environment can hinder your competitiveness and slow your time to results.

IBM® Spectrum MPI is a high-performance, production-quality implementation of MPI designed to accelerate application performance in distributed computing environments. Unlike other MPIs that align with specific technologies, IBM Spectrum MPI demonstrates consistent high performance across multiple platforms—supporting a broad range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects and operating systems to help ensure parallel applications can run anywhere.

Rather than have the application handle architectural differences in your infrastructure, let IBM Spectrum MPI manage them for you—no need to write multiple versions of the application to account for different interconnects.

IBM Spectrum MPI offers these features:

IBM Spectrum MPI – Standard Edition

IBM Spectrum MPI – Standard Edition is a fully featured version of IBM Spectrum MPI, which is designed to deliver application performance at scale.

IBM Spectrum MPI – Community Edition

IBM Spectrum MPI – Community Edition is ideal for smaller high-performance computing clients, as well as developers and Business Partners who serve these clients. It can be set up quickly, is easy to use and includes self-managing capabilities. IBM Spectrum MPI – Community Edition embodies all of the core features of the more scalable IBM Spectrum MPI – Standard Edition.

IBM Spectrum MPI – Community Edition is available for download and deployment at no charge. An optional yearly subscription is available for users who require technical support or greater scalability.

IBM Business Partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to embed or include IBM Spectrum MPI as part of their solutions can distribute IBM Spectrum MPI – Community Edition for free upon registering with IBM. An optional yearly support subscription is available for ISVs. Contact for details.

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