Performance. Reliability. Scalability. Is your workload manager meeting your needs?

Efficient workload scheduling can help ensure that resources are effectively used, ultimately speeding time to market or time to solution.

As a result, workload managers are expected to perform efficiently and remain responsive, even in the most demanding environments.

Meet IBM Spectrum LSF

IBM Spectrum LSF (formerly IBM Platform LSF) accelerates technical computing, providing up to 150 times greater throughput for faster time to result.

You gain a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features to optimize compute infrastructure resources and application performance.

IBM Spectrum LSF is more affordable than ever, enabling you to significantly reduce your operating costs.

Simplifying HPC to maximize productivity and value

Maximize efficiency

Run jobs across small to large clusters and distributed computing environments, on premises or in the cloud.

Enhance productivity

Ensure alignment of resources to business priorities through advanced scheduling and intelligent data staging.

Optimize utilization

Gain comprehensive workload capabilities to enhance user productivity and operational efficiency through ease of use, simplification and insights.

Provide complete environments for science and engineering

IBM Spectrum LSF Suites provide the consistency, high performance and accurate results demanded in industries where time literally equals revenue won or lost. Scientists and researchers benefit from:

  • Cluster management and deployment
  • Powerful, yet simple workload management
  • Web-enabled job management
  • Support for Linux on ARM v8 (64-bit), IBM POWER8 Little Endian, x86

Discover what IBM Spectrum LSF can do for your business

Accelerating time to results

See how IBM Spectrum LSF 10 is optimized for both high-throughput and high-performance computing workloads, and provides greatly improved job status feedback to users.

IBM Spectrum LSF Community Edition

Get a fully integrated HPC solution including cluster provisioning and management, workload scheduling, application-centric portal and an MPI library (x86-64 only) – at no charge. Supports up to 10 nodes and 1000 jobs.