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Infrastructure Management with IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation

Managing today’s complex computing environments is a time-consuming and costly effort for many technical and high performance computing (HPC) data centers. Adding to the challenge is the management of multiple clusters as data centers grow in size. Isolated clusters can create major inefficiencies in a technical computing environment and hinder the ability for organizations that require substantial compute and data processing capabilities to compete. IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation helps alleviate this complexity with tools for the self service creation and management of flexible clusters for a variety of workloads including Big Data and Analytics and traditional HPC.

Complexity hinders competitiveness

Organizations that require increasing amounts of compute and data processing capabilities face challenges in maintaining complex, diverse HPC infrastructures with disparate hardware and software. These companies are looking for an easy-to-use, yet high performance cluster infrastructure management solution to efficiently deploy, manage, and in many cases, consolidate disparate cluster infrastructures and simplify the oversight and maintenance of running their IT environment.

Get the most out of your infrastructure

IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation includes everything you need to get clusters up and running quickly. For clients with diverse application and user requirements, IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation - Advanced Edition automates assembly of multiple high-performance technical computing environments on a shared compute infrastructure used by multiple teams. The software creates an agile environment for running both high performance computing and analytics workloads. By doing so, it allocates the right resources to the right workloads, consolidates disparate cluster infrastructures and multiple workload schedulers, resulting in increased resource utilization, the ability to meet or exceed service level agreements, and reduced infrastructure and management costs. Support for mixed computing environments enables organizations to manage both Linux IBM® POWER8™ (Little Endian) and x86 systems to meet demands for varied computing capacity. Flexibility in infrastructure management is further enhanced with support for provisioning of PowerNV nodes, as well as PowerKVM hypervisors.

For clients with a single HPC cluster deployment, IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation — Standard Edition delivers the capability to quickly provision, run, manage and monitor technical computing clusters with unprecedented ease and scalability. The latest release of IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation — Standard Edition offers new flexible monitoring capabilities for servers, chassis, network switches, IBM Spectrum Scale, GPU, co-processors, PowerKVM and IBM POWER8 energy metrics as well as customized devices. It also includes automatic fail over capability for the management node to ensure operational continuity.

Efficiency drives success

IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation enables administrators to create an agile and efficient infrastructure environment for running high performance computing and analytics workloads. With IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation, customers benefit from:

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Physical Provisioning    
Server Monitoring    
Hardware Monitoring    
Kit framework for software deployment    
Network Management    
Multiple cluster support -  
Mixed computing environments    
PowerNV node provisioning    
PowerKVM hypervisor provisioning    
User Self Service Portal -  
IBM Spectrum Scale cluster management -  
GUI driven cluster definition management -  
Multiple tenants support -  

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