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Spend less on your software defined IT infrastructure using IBM Spectrum Computing solutions

Faster decisions for more profitable Investments & Underwriting with HPC & Big Data

Facing increasingly restrictive economic pressures and growing regulatory demands, financial services companies are looking for: better insights for trading, risk management, and customer care; ways to improve IT performance to meet these demands and reduce operating costs at the same time; greater operational agility to respond faster to market changes. IBM solutions can help.

Strain due to Volume, Velocity, and Complexity of Calculations & Data

Deeper and faster analytics is the name of the game for firms in the financial marketplace. Such analytics place an enormous strain on computing resources due to the volume, velocity, and complexity of calculations and data.

Financial Markets and Insurance

Regulations like Basel III and RMORSA are pushing companies of all types and sizes to calculate their exposures in near real time, specifically within the areas of credit risk and solvency. Credit risk calculations can be 100 to 25,000 times more computationally intensive than market risk calculations.


Retail banks are looking to gain better understanding of their clients’ needs and get ahead of the competition in product development and service offers. As clients’ preferred mode of transactions and communications shift to Social Media, banks are now challenged to capture, maintain, and analyze data from these multi-channels. Data with the volume, variety, velocity and now veracity are known as Big Data.

Improve Analytics to Support Faster, Accurate & Reliable Decision-making

IBM Spectrum Computing solutions can help you improve the performance of your analytics to support faster, more accurate and more reliable decision-making for firms of all sizes and in all sectors. Private HPC clusters, grids and clouds allow multiple applications and lines of business to effectively utilize a common heterogeneous, shared infrastructure to support both compute and Big Data analytics. Compute intensive analytics include: pricing of market and credit risk, compliance reporting, pre-trade analysis, back testing and new product development.

IBM Spectrum Symphony is a powerful, enterprise-class grid management solution for organizations running compute- and data-intensive applications. Symphony accelerates a wide variety of parallel applications, quickly computing results while making optimal use of available infrastructure. It provides the agility required to predictably meet and exceed throughput goals for the most demanding risk management applications.

The IBM Spectrum Computing clusters, grid, and HPC cloud management software solutions help distribute and accelerate workload processing and guarantee the completion of workloads across a distributed, shared IT environment, while fully utilizing all HPC resources—regardless of operating system or architecture. The result is improved application performance for a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

Analyze Data to Properly Simulate Market & Credit Risk

You need to get the most out of your IT investment: infrastructure capacity, utilization and performance. IBM Spectrum Computing solutions can help you perform more rigorous analysis with more data to properly simulate market and credit risk, and meet regulatory requirements. The solutions support:

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