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Spend less on your software defined IT infrastructure using IBM Spectrum Computing solutions

Take Engineering to new heights with HPC & Big Data

IBM Spectrum Computing offers a full range of solutions that enable the creation of dynamic, flexible clusters, HPC cloud environments, and Big data analytics infrastructure that address compute and data intensive challenges specific to industries. The Aerospace & Defense solutions enable manufacturers to put in place - quickly, affordably, and easily -high performance infrastructure needed for design, development, and test.

Developing new Designs & Products with Less Technical Resources

The Aerospace and Defense industry faces growing financial pressures while the expectation for innovation remains high. Manufacturers need to continue developing cutting-edge designs and products but with less technical resources. Product design, development and test remain compute and data intensive processes. Its simulations and tests - under real world conditions that products will face including atmospheric pressure, temperature, and structural load - require high performance computing (HPC) systems that are fast, highly scalable, and optimally configured to support these workloads.

Accelerate Engineering Simulations while Providing Fast User Access to HPC Resources

IBM Spectrum Computing grid, cluster and HPC cloud solutions are ideal for application in every aspect of the Aerospace and Defense industry, including structural mechanics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), explicit dynamics, multi-physics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and home-grown applications. The solutions include:

The solutions are fast and easy to deploy, with simple HPC cluster setup and management, and pre-integration of ISV applications, accelerating engineering simulations while providing users with faster access to distributed computing resources. To further address Aerospace and Defense firms’ need for solutions, IBM offers industry-specific workload-optimized platforms to speed time-to-implementation and take the risk out of putting together a new HPC solution. These optimized configurations are based on proven reference architectures developed in partnership with leading ISVs and are available on IBM Platform Computing, x86 and Power8 reference architectures, providing a complete set of product capabilities for long term solutions with massive scalability.

Faster Modeling & Analysis of Large Datasets

IBM Spectrum Computing solutions help create dynamic, flexible clusters and HPC cloud environments to help you achieve a range of benefits:

For the most complex problems you face, IBM Spectrum Computing software enables faster modeling and analysis of extremely large data sets. IBM products and application ready solutions for the Aerospace and Defense industry are optimized for technical workloads, simplified for easy adoption and management, and designed to help companies increase their competitive advantage with an agile, high-performance technical computing environment.

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