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Virtualization encompasses a set of technologies that support a more responsive and agile business. With a clear roadmap for future change and growth, organizations are able to unlock the value from virtualization more quickly to realize the benefits of:

IBM works with clients to assess, design, implement and manage solutions tailored to business needs and budgets for proven results.


IBM Systems Director VMControl

IBM Systems Director VMControl is a plug-in option for the IBM Systems Director management platform. It provides cross-platform, cross-hypervisor visibility and control of the virtualized environments, all from a single user interface. This capability is designed to reduce complexity and improve administrator productivity. VMControl supports IBM PowerVM™, z/VM® VMware, Microsoft® Xen and KVM server virtualization technologies on a range of IBM systems.


IBM PowerVM provides a secure, stable and sophisticated virtualization environment for IBM Power Systems. With PowerVM, a single physical server can be divided into multiple virtual servers as little as 1/10 of a processor or up to 64 processors, each running its own application workloads and its own operating system while sharing resources including processors, memory and I/O.

IBM Systems Director Network Control

IBM Systems Director Network Control is a plug-in option for IBM Systems Director and designed to support integration of server, storage, and network management for virtualization environments across multiple platforms. Offering centralized management, the solution offers discovery, monitoring, configuration, topology visualization, management and troubleshooting – all accessed from a single integrated interface.


The z/VM hypervisor incorporates some 40 years of innovations in virtualization, and continues to evolve and quickly adapt to meet the changing market requirements to run hundreds and thousands of virtual images. z/VM is designed to help clients extend the business value of mainframe technology across the enterprise by integrating applications and data, including enterprise Linux.

IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller

IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) provides storage virtualization through pooled management of diverse storage environments using a simple, common interface. SVC hides changes to the storage infrastructure to help improve availability and streamline the task of provisioning. This makes dynamic management of storage assets far faster and more efficient than manual processes.

IBM Open Virtualization: KVM

IBM is committed to offering its clients choice with open virtualization and Linux-based solutions. KVM is an open source hypervisor that provides enterprise-class performance and scalability to run mission critical Windows and Linux workloads. IBM open virtualization with KVM is flexible, cost-effective and enterprise class.

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