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In today’s business environment, no single solution solves every problem. IBM delivers a diverse set of operating systems environment in support of today’s unique business needs. IBM operating environments range from supporting mainframes, mid-range computers, UNIX servers, to enabling and providing significant contributions to open source Linux distributions. IBM’s operating environments continue to evolve and exploit technology advancements such as application modernization, integrated database, workload optimization, virtualization, resiliency, security, and multi-core scaling.



z/OS is IBM’s flagship operating system designed to meet the demanding quality of service requirements for enterprise clients. z/OS provides a highly secure, available, scalable, and an ideal performance base to deploy commercial transaction processing, internet and Java technology enabled applications.


The z/VM hypervisor incorporates some 40 years of innovations in virtualization, and continues to evolve and quickly adapt to meet the changing market requirements to run hundreds and thousands of virtual images. z/VM is designed to help clients extend the business value of mainframe technology across the enterprise by integrating applications and data, including enterprise Linux.


z/VSE is designed to help provide robust, cost-effective solutions for customers with a wide range of capacity needs, z/VSE is built on a heritage of innovation that spans four decades. It brings the value of innovative IBM System z and IBM System Storage technology to VSE clients.


AIX is a standards-based, open, secure, scalable, and a well-proven reliable UNIX operating system for IBM Power Systems servers. With its proven scalability, advanced virtualization, security, and manageability features, the AIX leverages decades of IBM technology innovation designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability of any UNIX operating system.


IBM i is an industry leading integrated operating environment with a more than 20-year reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. IBM i integrates a trusted combination of relational database, security, Web services, PowerVM virtualization and storage management capabilities to offer a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation for efficiently deploying business processing applications.


Linux continues to be the fastest growing mainstream operating system, and IBM offers a comprehensive range of Linux solutions on System x, Power, and System z. In addition to innovations in cost, performance, and virtualization, tier-1 cross-platform support makes it possible to match workloads to the architectures best suited to their needs, while maintaining a standard OS across the enterprise.

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