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To achieve the ultimate goal of increased competitiveness that smarter systems can provide, it is necessary to move beyond the detailed management of systems – servers, storage and networks – to the optimization of workloads and the delivery of high-value IT services in new ways.

IT administrators need streamlined, automated systems management tools that directly address key business concerns related to IT, such as the ability to more rapidly deploy services in response to business needs, and the control of costs associated with capital expenditure and ongoing management.


IBM Systems Director®

IBM Systems Director provides a core, comprehensive, unified systems management platform that serves as the primary tool in the IT administrator’s arsenal. It is the platform management backbone to achieve Smarter Computing, offering a single, central point of control and monitoring for all system resources, across the entire infrastructure. IBM Systems Director integrated management solutions provide tools for discovery, inventory, status, configuration, system health, resource monitoring, system updates, event notification and management automation for physical and virtual infrastructures. With Systems Director, administrators can tailor and optimize workloads by allocating specific resources to specific tasks, delivering greater performance, increasing productivity and improving levels of service.

IBM Flex Systems Manager™

IBM Flex System™ Manager is designed to help you get the most out of your IBM PureFlex System while automating repetitive tasks. Flex System Manager can significantly reduce the number of manual navigational steps for typical management tasks. From simplified system set-up procedures with wizards and built-in expertise to consolidated monitoring for all of your physical and virtual resources—compute, storage and networking—Flex System Manager provides core management functionality along with automation so you can focus your efforts on business innovation.

IBM Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center provides management capabilities for Storage Area Networks that incorporate products from multiple vendors. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center provides features designed to improve service levels by automating file system capacity provisioning and device configuration, which speeds deployment. In addition, it is designed to enhance efficiency by helping to manage capacity utilization, file systems and databases.

IBM Platform Computing

IBM Platform Computing brings leading cluster, grid and high performance computing cloud management software to the IBM Technical Computing portfolio, to better serve enterprise clients who are turning to high performance technical computing to accelerate time-to-results, improve infrastructure utilization and reduce operating costs—no matter what hardware they have installed.

IBM Platform Computing offerings accelerate time-to-results for compute and data-intensive applications running on distributed technical and analytics computing environments for workloads as diverse as real-time analytics, business simulations, product design analysis and risk management—applications that exemplify the smarter computing era. Platform Computing technical and HPC applications fuel product development, critical business decisions and breakthrough science in financial services, manufacturing, digital media, oil and gas, life sciences, government, research and education. More than 2,500 clients—including 23 of the top 30 largest global enterprises—use Platform Computing solutions.

Additional products, services and solutions

Achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all your asset types — traditional IT, physical, and emerging smart assets — on a single platform.

Optimize your energy consumption for higher efficiency of resources, lower operating cost, and reduced carbon emissions.

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Unify management of systems, storage, network and virtualized resources for improved service and reduced cost

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