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No company can afford to waste a single dollar in today’s business environment. It’s no surprise then that IT managers are being asked to cut budgets while still increasing capabilities. A significant cost driver in today’s data centers is the use of power. Server sprawl and poor utilization lead to power consumption that is far higher than it needs to be. For example, a server running at 20 percent of capacity uses just as much electricity and requires just as much cooling as one running at 80 percent.

Sound energy management takes a complete understanding of what’s actually going on in the data center, from power consumption to temperature, right down to the individual device level. The potential savings are considerable.


IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager

IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly with IBM Systems Director. It is available pre-packaged with IBM Systems Director Standard and Enterprise Editions. It provides discovery, management and optimization of energy usage, monitoring energy consumption and operating temperature of individual devices while offering pertinent metrics for power distribution units and UPS devices.

Active Energy Manager gives you the ability to not only exercise central control of this power-saving technology for your entire data center, but the intelligence you need to use it to its best advantage. It lets you view historical trend data so you can spot how much energy is being used by each device and when. With that information you can associate power consumption with specific servers and workloads, so you know when it’s appropriate to curtail use.

Case studies

  • Texspin Bearings

    To keep pace with 120 percent annual sales growth, this automotive supply company from India implemented an integrated SAP and BladeCenter solution that includes IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager.

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