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Today’s market is far more sensitive to service interruptions than it once was. Even brief periods of downtime can cost an organization thousands or even millions of dollars. From the point of view of users and customers, the source of the outage is irrelevant. What matters is that the service is unavailable. The gold standard is continuous, uninterrupted service, no matter what.

Maintaining the highest levels of availability requires not only highly reliable hardware, but robust, fault-tolerant network, system, application and process architectures, as well as automated management that can react immediately and find a way to circumvent any outage, planned or unplanned.

Ensuring business continuity also relies on a secure enterprise. In the face of multiple emerging and evolving security challenges, businesses need to meet highly dynamic regulatory and compliance demands. IBM Systems Software security solutions are designed to enable organizations to achieve end-to-end security in support of business goals. They can help drive innovation and reduce organizational costs, protect against internal and external threats, as well as address operational requirements driven by compliance measures.



The IBM XIV® Storage System is a high-end, next-generation, standalone, open storage system based on a grid architecture. The system can support up to 180 disks, each with a capacity of one terabyte. Its components are standard units based on Intel® technology and Linux®, connected in an any-to-any manner to provide extreme redundancy of all key components, ease of scalability and non-disruptive component replacement.

IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage

The IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) solution is designed for the largest storage infrastructure requirements in support of global enterprises. Incorporating the flagship IBM General Parallel File System (GPFSTM) running on Linux, SONAS can support up to 14.4 petabytes of storage without sacrificing ease of management or reliability.

IBM High-Performance Computing (HPC) Open Source Software Stack

With the high agility and flexibility needed by today’s businesses, the kind of workload optimization demanded by high-performance computing needs to be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible. Prepackaged, pre-integrated and optimized by IBM, the IBM High-Performance Computing Open Source Software Stack leverages a combination of proven open-source software components, in conjunction with IBM tools and scripts, to help you build and deploy customized high-performance computing solutions on IBM hardware running Red Hat Linux.


IBM PowerHA is a family of solutions designed specifically for users of IBM POWER® systems running IBM AIX® or IBM i. These solutions provide a broad spectrum of availability-related capabilities, including system mirroring, clustering, non-disruptive database scalability, backup and recovery.


IBM ProtecTIER® is a family of data deduplication solutions, ranging from easy-to-deploy, preconfigured appliance solutions to enterprise-class, clustered storage gateways supporting up to one petabyte of storage. All ProtecTIER solutions are designed to dramatically reduce storage requirements while protecting information and improving service levels, through the use of patented HyperFactor® data deduplication technology.

Power Systems security

Through world-class solutions that address risk across the enterprise, IBM helps organizations build a strong security posture that helps reduce costs, improve service, and manage risk.

System z security

The IBM mainframe has security built into nearly every level of the computer - from the processor level, to the operating system to the application level. This design helps protect System z from malware, viruses and threats from insiders.

General Parallel File System (GPFS)

The IBM General Parallel File System™ (GPFS™), a high-performance enterprise file management platform, can help you move beyond simply adding storage to optimizing data management. Whether you are working with big data analytics, have the need to manage large amounts of structured and unstructured data, or simply require the ability to store and forward large amounts of file based data quickly, reliably and efficiently, you need a clustered file system.

Storage security

IBM can help you reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure with a comprehensive portfolio of world-class security products, consulting services and managed security services.

Additional products, services and solutions

Tivoli® Security Management for z/OS® enhances and accelerates security management with security administration, user management, audit and compliance for z/OS RACF®.

Security zSecure suite provides cost-effective security administration, improves service by detecting threats, and reduces risk with automated audit and compliance reporting.

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