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The world of cloud is maturing into an environment for innovation and business value. Each business is becoming an ecosystem with new data and data sources, new apps and applications, innovation communities and expertise. However, embracing the cloud can also mean more complexity, more exposure through APIs and a new threat landscape.

Not all hybrid clouds are created equal

With the right combination of cloud technology, rapid innovation and the path to value is within sight. When selecting a hybrid cloud platform, choose a solution that offers a rapid deployment model for faster time to revenue, a highly secure environment to protect from breaches and an open software stack for the widest choice in applications.

Develop and deliver at the speed of hybrid cloud.

Cloud your way. See the critical role IBM z Systems™ play in enterprise cloud strategies.

IBM z Systems
hybrid cloud

z Systems hybrid cloud platform is the
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Change only what is necessary to get business value faster.


Position workloads to best deliver on business objectives.


Integrate cloud services, open communities and emerging technologies.


Combine data and processes with new information sources for best outcomes.

Greater agility for next-generation cloud workloads

Whether you're using a public cloud, a private cloud or a combination, IBM z Systems provides the best proctection, lowest security risk, high availability and superior performance for the best possible hybrid cloud solution.

No z skills required. Easily access enterprise cloud services using common language and open technologies.

Transport messages and data using a single, universal messaging backbone. Discover the advantages of shared queues with MQ on z.

Improve the API lifecycle with an integrated solution. Create, run, manage and secure APIs and microservices with IBM API Connect.

Bluemix enables the modern enterprise to approach the cloud with deployment models spanning from IBM data center to yours.

An open source virtualization hypervisor provides the performance and flexibility to address the requirements of multiple varying types of Linux workloads.

Innovate with greater agility

Move more workloads to the cloud with z Systems.

Secure Cloud-to-Mainframe Connectivity.

See why industry analysts name IBM a cloud leader.

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Vodafone is using Cloud technology to enable a new communication paradigm between government and citizens.

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Hybrid cloud computing provides the flexibility to put workloads and data where it makes the most sense.