IBM Spectrum Scale

Cognitive storage manages unstructured data for cloud, big data, analytics, objects and more

Scalable File and Object Storage for analytics and content repositories

IBM Spectrum Scale is a flexible software-defined storage that can be deployed as high performance file storage or a cost optimized large-scale content repository. IBM Spectrum Scale, previously known as IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS), is built from the ground up to scale performance and capacity with no bottlenecks. Today’s storage requirements around massive capacities and the need for faster time to insights cannot be met by traditional scale-up storage systems that can’t scale beyond a few filers. This is why IBM Spectrum Scale is deployed at the most demanding enterprises in the world for both high performance and high scale. IBM Spectrum Scale provides interfaces for both traditional file based applications and the modern object based applications.

Enterprises around the globe have deployed IBM Spectrum Scale for:

The IBM Spectrum Scale GUI, simplified data management and integrated information lifecycle tools can manage petabytes of data and billions of files, enabling you to control the cost of skyrocketing data growth. IBM Spectrum Scale:

Proven world-class storage management

With thousands of customers and over 15 years of demanding production deployments, IBM Spectrum Scale is the storage infrastructure that adapts to any application across the enterprise.

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