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IBM disk and hybrid disk and flash storage systems provide storage efficiency solutions such as Real-time Compression™, automated tiering, virtualisation, and thin provisioning. These storage solutions increase the data storage landscape for organisations of all sizes to boost system performance and lower IT costs.

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IBM System Storage DS8870. Smarter Storage for enterprise systems. See the video (00:03:34).

The IBM Storwize family

Software defined storage

IBM Guarantees Real-time Compression

If you can't store 50% more data, IBM will make up the difference!

Disk systems

IDC analyst report

Storwize V7000 with Real-time Compression expands IBM's IT Optimisation lead

ITG cost/benefit case

Comparing Cost Structures with EMC Symmetrix VMAX and VNX for SAP Enterprise Deployments

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Edison compares IBM, EMC and NetApp Compression Technologies

See how IBM Real-time Compression for Storwize V7000 stands up


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