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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Why use an EMC rule checker?
The world of EMI/EMC compliance has become much more important than ever before, due to the higher speed electronics in lower cost packages. The 'old ways' of best-guess design practices, and then fix the EMI problems after the product is built is not acceptable in today's market place. Designs must be cost effective, and must pass regulatory requirements the first time through the design cycle.

The EMC performance of a printed circuit board is mostly based on the location of the various components and the location of the various critical and I/O nets. Manual checking of all the various layers of today's high speed circuit boards is too time consuming and prone to human error. EMSAT relieves the tedium and removes the human error by rigorously analyzing each tagged net and component against the selected rules.

Which EMC design rules?
EMSAT uses the most important EMC printed circuit board (PCB) design rules. Each of these design rules have been completely analyzed using full wave simulation tools, laboratory testing, and finally real-world product testing. IBM requires EMSAT to be used on all new PCB designs and has enjoyed enormous success for passing EMC requirements the first time in the test chamber.

EMSAT rules include: