IBM Platform Test - z Systems hints & tips

Here we provide you with additional information that we wanted to share in addition to our test reports.

We've organized the information into the following categories:

Coupling facility recovery

Encryption Facility

The IBM Encryption Facility for z/OS, from here on out referred to as Encryption Facility, provides encryption and decryption processing of data for exchange between different systems and platforms and for archiving purposes. The Encryption Facility consists of the following optional features:

A licensed Java™ reference program called Encryption Facility for z/OS Client is also downloadable from the Worldwide Web.

We tested various Encryption Facility functions including the following scenarios:

All of the JCL and shell scripts for the above 3 scenarios can be found on our Samples website.

Additional information on the Encryption Facility can be found in IBM Encryption Facility for z/OS: User's Guide (PDF, 923KB).

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager Offering for Tape and DASD Encryption

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager (ISKLM) Offering for Tape and DASD Encryption (PDF, 244KB) shows how we, z Systems™ Platform Evaluation Test, implemented and migrated to the new encryption key offering which supports key serving to tape and IBM disk storage devices.

Internal coupling facility (ICF)

Dynamic ICF expansion allows you to define a coupling facility partition to use a shared CP in combination with its dedicated ICF CPs when needed.

We also have a short chapter about the ICF in our December 1998 test report, and additional information is in Coupling Facility Configuration Options: A Positioning Paper (PDF, 719KB).

Server Time Protocol (STP)

The Server Time Protocol (STP) feature is designed to provide the capability for multiple servers and Coupling Facilities to maintain time synchronization with each other, without requiring a Sysplex Timer. This tip discusses our experiences associated with migrating to Server Time Protocol (STP) in the Poughkeepsie Development Lab, including:

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The Mixed Platform Stack Project: Deploying a Secure SOA Solution into z/OS and Mixed z/OS and AIX Environments describes the experiences that IBM test teams encountered while creating, deploying, and testing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution using the IBM SOA suite of products on the z/OS platform and the z/OS platform in conjunction with distributed platforms.

z/OS Communications Server

Critical VTAM structure storage messages not highlighted if you use a PPO.