IBM Platform Test - z Systems overview


Welcome to z Systems™ Platform Test, also known as Integration Test. Our organization consists of various teams, including:

z/OS Platform Evaluation Test (zPET)

A team of z/OS testers and system programmers run a Parallel Sysplex on which we perform the final verification of a z/OS release and z Systems hardware and System Storage before they become generally available to clients.

As we perform our testing, we gather experiences, hints, tips, and recommendations and publish them.

New! For z/OS V2R1 and beyond, we are publishing our experiences in our LCST/e z Systems Platform Evaluation Test Community blog.

For details about the environment in which we do our testing including our Parallel Sysplex environments (including hardware, software and security configuration) and our test workloads, refer to our IBM Platform Test - z Systems library.

For z/OS V1R13 and prior releases, we published our experience as the z Systems Platform Test Report for z/OS and Linux Virtual Servers. Find test reports and interim updates in test report library

The z/OS z Systems Parallel Sysplex Recovery (GA22-7286-01) report describes our experiences performing recovery actions in our Parallel Sysplex environment. Find test reports and interim updates in test report library

Linux Virtual Servers Platform Evaluation Test

The Linux Virtual Server team’s primary responsibility is to emulate leading-edge customer environments, workloads, and activities. This includes running Linux native on z Systems and as a z/VM guest in a heterogeneous Linux server environment.

Consolidated Service Test (CST)

After general availability (GA), testing of z/OS continues through Consolidated Service Test (CST), where z/OS service along with key subsystems and tools service continues to be tested together. CST recommends service on a quarterly and monthly basis with published results.

Other z/OS test strategies and testing environments

Integration test is just one phase of the testing that IBM performs on the z/OS operating system. For information about the complete IBM test strategy for z/OS, see the IBM Systems Journal article,

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