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IBM® Platform™ Symphony is a fast, service-oriented middleware solution for high-performance computing (HPC). Enterprises can use the solution to run distributed application services on a scalable, shared and heterogeneous grid. It accelerates a variety of parallel applications while making optimal use of available infrastructure.

Bundled Service Package

  • Symphony Quick Start Service

The Platform Symphony Quick Start Service helps IT organizations quickly deploy a grid to support financial services or other high-performance, low-latency applications. With help from experienced IBM consultants you can be sure that Platform Symphony will integrate effectively with your service-based applications.

  • Symphony: Getting Started with MapReduce Service

The IBM® Platform™ Symphony: Getting Started with MapReduce Service is a professional assessment service that starts you down the path to implementing a successful business analytics solution. You receive an in-depth analysis and detailed recommendations about how you can leverage MapReduce programming techniques to meet your business needs.

This service gives you a custom “blue print” and advice to help you successfully build a business analytics solution using MapReduce. The goal is to provide a sophisticated management platform, so you can turn both structured and unstructured “raw” data into valuable insights in the fastest and most effective way. Armed with these insights, you can make better decisions that lead to higher productivity and improved ROI.

IBM Symphony services

IBM provides comprehensive service offerings related to the Symphony family. In addition to the offerings listed below, we also provide advanced consulting services such as Enterprise Grid Enablement and Grid Operational Process Development to help customers build their internal organized HPC team and processes.

  • Symphony Proof-of-Concept Engagement Service
  • Symphony Assessment Service
  • Symphony Installation
  • Symphony Version Upgrade
  • Symphony Application Onboarding Service
  • Symphony Cluster Audit Service
  • Symphony Third-Party Integration
  • Symphony Desktop Harvesting for Symphony Integration
  • Symphony Server Harvesting for Symphony Integration
  • Symphony Virtual Server Harvesting for Symphony Integration

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