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In today’s on-demand world, businesses are struggling with rising data center cooling costs, reliability and availability risks posed by thermal problems and other data center cooling issues such as IT growth limitations and inefficiencies. Our team can help you. Using Measurement & Management Technologies (MMT) and IBM’s experience from worldwide data center analysis engagements, a thermal profile of an existing data center can be created to identify possibilities for cooling efficiencies and smarter energy use. This service includes two modules:

To date, IBM has identified potential average energy savings of 12 percent of IT power costs and 23 percent of cooling power costs for data centers ranging from 3,000 to 85,000 square feet. For the savings obtained from the Measurement Survey and Analysis, payback has been achieved in 6 to 12 months, yielding a potential 100 percent return on investment after one year. Actual client results may vary. The Dynamic Monitoring and Management module can help maintain and improve these savings over time by helping you quickly identify and address hotspots and other efficiency issues that might develop.


Measurement & Management Technologies services provide clients with a real time temperature and environmental profile of their data centers. The results of the profile are used to identify, diagnose and remedy trouble spots and energy inefficiencies. Benefits include:

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The MMT family of services

MMT utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to help visualize and understand the thermal profile of your existing data center IT power and cooling systems. Results are used to identify, diagnose, and remedy trouble spots and energy inefficiencies. The MMT family consists of the following services:

MMT Maintenance Services

Offers the ability to implement the Measurement and Management Technology (MMT) recommendations and strategies after the thermal profile of their cuttent data center has been evaluated. Also it will help develop a performance metric to ensure the operational performance of the data center remedies for the trouble spots and energy inefficiencies.

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