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Business case comparisons of current infrastructure versus updated technologies

We partner with clients to identify areas to optimize, analyze benefits and improve the IT environment

Yes, and we’ll show you why. The IT Optimization Consulting team is well-versed, experienced and ready to provide platform independent consulting for IT optimization and virtualization studies. Studies combine IT cost analysis and technical architecture using real client data and platform neutral recommendations to help reduce capital expenditures and ongoing operating costs.

Watch us provide a business case comparison of your current system spending versus advanced technology future or the costs of running IBM Systems solutions. So is the next technological step worth it? Absolutely, if you’re ready to:

Offerings include

IT systems rationalization study

To move past strategy to action, start with an accurate and detailed view of IT systems architectures and its costs. Based on your financial and technological data, we’ll evaluate the feasibility of implementing IBM advanced technologies and measure what you could expect in financial and operational benefits.

IT optimization assessment

Considering new or expanding existing virtualization technologies in your IT environment? Quickly identify areas of opportunity where new technologies could boost operational, performance, cost and environmental activities with this assessment of current server infrastructure.

IT systems energy efficiency assessment

You can reduce the environmental demand of IT and achieve more with less power. System growth puts a strain on power, cooling and data center space. This expert assessment provides steps that can dramatically improve the ability of a data center to deliver workload and performance while using fewer resources.

Cloud IT optimization assessment

This accelerated IT infrastructure analysis is designed to help clients evaluate the feasibility and estimate expected costs and benefits of implementing IBM’s advanced private cloud technologies. The assessment will develop recommendations based on optimization practices, workload attributes and comprehensive business cases. It may include an analysis of any part of the server or storage environment, including distributed or mainframe.

Fit for purpose workshop

Provides a rapid assessment that analyzes infrastructure platforms based on benchmarks defined by the IT group. On-site interviews collect data, information and insights needed for a comparative analysis that evaluates feasibility, projected costs and benefits of implementing optimization recommendations.

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