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Today’s data centers continue to come under pressures of higher workload demands, increasing rack densities and limitations of available power and cooling. In order to allow the data centers to evolve in spite of the growing challenges, a greater focus on a specialized skill set in data center infrastructure is required. To improve your existing facility and to design new data centers to satisfy the demands of the future, organizations are going to have to draw on this expertise.

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Data center, power and cooling services

Measurement and management technologies - data center thermal analysis

Using IBM Research-developed Measurement and Management Technologies (MMT), you'll see and monitor the actual temperature and environmental profile of your data center. MMT results help identify then diagnose and solve thermal hot spots and over-cooled areas. Wireless sensors using IBM Low-Power Mote Technology are now available.

Data center energy management solution

Get a jump on better energy efficiency. Our experienced consultants can help guide you and speed up analysis and deployment of Active Energy Manager (AEM) for IT power management. Plus we'll transfer skills to IT and facility management staffs.

IT systems energy efficiency assessment

Strategically assess and size the data center benefits and potential energy savings of IT virtualization, consolidation and/or rationalization. We’ll share our experiences and expertise in both IT optimization and energy management.

Data center thermal analysis and optimization

Sometimes seeing is believing and we can help you visualize and better understand the potential impact of new or proposed changes to cooling capacities and loads. We’ll analyze existing or future thermal capacities, IT energy loads and data center features using state-of-the-art tools such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Data center power and cooling planning for iDataplex

Our planning services can help manage and control power and cooling in the data center especially for the IBM iDataPlex™, a highly dense, efficient system with unique power and space advantages for the data center. Due to its density, it may require more power and cooling than a typical rack solution.

Data center power and cooling services for IT solutions

Provides clients with pre-installation planning and guidance with regard to power cooling, physical layout and mechanical systems sizing for highly dense IT rack and server solutions.

Data center trends and best practices

Identify areas to improve data center energy efficiency or address power, cooling and space constraints. Our knowledge and experience in the industry extends to best practices, current trends in technologies and energy management and beyond..

Data center energy efficiency and incentive workshop

Need help identifying opportunities for data center infrastructure improvements and energy reductions? This collaborative and interactive workshop will help clients understand if the infrastructure improvements opportunities could have federal, state, or local incentives available to improve project payback!

Data center contamination and remediation services

Data center contamination and the need to re-mediate is REAL! Our experienced consultants can help evaluate and achieve recognized levels of health within the Data Center environment. As a customized consulting service, this offering can advise and implement best practices approaches to help minimize the potential for gaseous and particulate contaminates permeating the data center and it's equipment.

Data center facility energy analysis and optimization

Our team delivers a top-notch consulting engagement for optimizing the Data Center facility cooling infrastructure to reduce energy consumption! Available services includes an analysis of existing or future data center energy efficiency measures, assessment of thermal capacity, installed IT equipment load, and data center facility cooling infrastructure. We use a state-of-the-art tools including thermodynamic and TCO modeling (and CFD modeling if desired).

Data center containment services

Operational temperatures in data centers have radically changed! If you're concerned about how to correctly implement industry recognized environmental specifications, our team provides a custom consulting services to help facility managers achieve higher and more predictable densities for better IT deployment in data centers.

Data center co-generation design services

If you are concerned about reducing the risks of energy price volatility, or non availability that can result from supply disruptions, our team can help prepare your data center for continuous power operations, while reducing operational cost, by using power generation technologies. Leveraging our longtime partnership with BHP, we can properly and more effectively put the facility managers in control.

Data center recirculation barriers

If you are concerned about improving the data center air management, our team is ready to help. We help business's to properly manage and align the airstream within the data centers by improving power and thermal efficiencies. Leveraging our longtime partnership with SubZero, we can properly and more effectively segregate hot and cold isles.

Data center air cooled and liquid cooling implementation services

Is your organization struggling to implement industry recognized ASHRAE environmental specifications? Is it taking longer than anticipated? If so, this service supports the rapid advancement of ASHRAE TC9.9 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments. Our team help clients understand the recommendations, implementation strategies and challenges arising from theses new guidelines.

Data center MMT maintenance services

Do you have a number of older MMT recommendations that you haven't been able to implement in your data center? Are you looking to implement the recommendations and protect your MMT analysis investment? Through the "MMT Maintenance Services" you can ensure your data center is up and running 24 x7. This solution provides a comprehensive maintenance recommendations plan for substantial energy efficiency gains, lead time for facility upgrades and capital planning, based on the initial MMT analysis.

MMT Corrosion Monitoring

This service provides real-time air monitoring and corrosion rate comparison to industry standards for servers and storage, to help ensure acceptable air quality to meet product life specifications.

Data Center Engineering and Analysis Services

IBM Systems Lab Services can assist clients with a wide range of deep engineering skills and data center technical issue analysis.

Data Center Facility Sustainability Assessment

This service examines how to better manage the energy and environment in order to run the data center in a more sustainable way while reducing energy consumption, carbon emission, and water usage.

Resiliency maturity index assessment

This non conventional method, developed by IBM Research, creates a top down view of any organization and identifies single point of failures found within the organization. It includes views of the interaction between various business functions and organizations as part of the analysis performed for the assessment.

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