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Smarter computing solutions designed for data, tuned to the task,
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Let us help you deliver Smarter Computing designed for data, tuned to the task and managed in a Cloud

IBM Systems Lab Services and Training can leverage the worldwide intellectual and technical advantage of the IBM System z development lab to assist you in taking advantage of emerging technologies on the mainframe platform and related middleware. We can provide custom solutions, leading-edge consulting, support services and proofs-of-concept to meet your business requirements now and also to support your strategic initiatives moving forward. Whether it is z/OS, z/VM or Linux on System z, or zEnterprise, we can help deploy new technologies like zBX, Cloud, and Analytics. In addition to services in these key areas, we can assist with the hardware and operating system layers, enable middleware solutions around CICS, DB2 or the WebSphere family or fulfill wider enterprise requirements around security, availability, or performance.

New offerings

New! IBM Wave Jumpstart Services for zEnterprise

This Jumpstart service can help you accelerate your IBM Wave implementation by providing planning, installation, and usage assistance. We tailor the installation to your environment and provide skills transfer by reviewing common use cases of the interface with your support staff.

New! WorkLight Mobile Jumpstart Services for zEnterprise

Worklight Mobile Jumpstart Services for IBM zEnterprise® offers a rapid engagement (one–to–two weeks in length) to stand up the Worklight server infrastructure and deploy a small sample application. The service integrates to a back–end IBM zOS® subsystem to let you exercise different features of the Worklight platform as the first step in a larger deployment.

IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation (EKMF)

IBM EKMF is a flexible and highly secure key management system for the enterprise. EKMF offers centralized key management on zEnterprise and across distributed platforms utilizing the crypto hardware. This solution is well suited for banks, payment card processors and other businesses that must meet EMV and PCI requirements, as well as for general key and certificate management. It provides a foundation that can be tailored to address the needs of multiple industry segments to help identify compliance issues and assist key officers in enforcing a enterprise key management policy requirements. It also features crypto analytic capabilities that help identify compliance issues to assist key officers in understanding how and who has access to key material. The offering will deliver the EKMF software, the associated software maintenance and implementation services as a package to make sure clients get a ready to use solution for enterprise encryption key management using dual control and split knowledge mechanisms.

For more information:

Read Paul DiMarzio's blog for his insights on secure key management.

Enterprise Key Management Pillar - Crypto Analytics Tool

The IBM Enterprise Key Management Pillar (EKMP) - Crypto Analytics Tool (CAT) collects crypto information from the zEnterprise, analyzes it and delivers a formatted and comprehensive report to the end user of their cryptographic system, its policies, key & certificate usage.

Enterprise Key Management Pillar - Advanced Crypto Service Provider

A hardware infrastructure option that helps simplify the management of PCI compliance posture and provides the ultimate security protection of sensitive keys.

IBM zAware enablement starter kit

Does your company want expert level assistance with planning, configuration and implementation of the new IBM zAware product? The IBM zAware Enablement Starter Kit is designed to assist you in enabling IBM zAware with an environment review, planning (including any prerequisites), and implementation services. At the end of the engagement, you will have the IBM zAware product fully enabled in the environment, actively monitoring a stand-alone z/OS or Parallel Sysplex with an understanding of how to exploit the product and its Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Services for IBM zEnterprise and zBX environments

IBM zEnterprise™ System can dramatically streamline and simplify computing operations by making it possible to operate heterogeneous technologies and servers as one consolidated system. Analysis, assessment, implementation, and maintenance services from IBM are designed to help you realize these benefits as quickly as possible with minimal risk to the organization and minimal investment of internal staff time and resources in the implementation process. IBM services professionals offer deep skills and expertise, drawing on close relationships with development labs—as well as on thousands of client engagements—to help ensure rapid, highly effective zEnterprise System implementations that deliver value right away.

Cloud Services

IBM SmartCloud Services

STG Lab Services can provide experts on the System z platform to assist you as you deploy your Cloud. Deep skills in virtualized Linux provisioning, monitoring, and security can help you accelerate your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) project. We can help you develop and implement provisioning and monitoring automation processes you need. Instead of just implementing a provisioning tool, our System z team has skills to help you with the entire lifecycle of the virtual servers and the overall Cloud deployment to help ensure success. Our team can help you customize the deployment for your specific business needs.

SAP Cloud Solutions

The IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions on zEnterprise provides customers the capability of using the SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager (LVM) in conjunction with the IBM Database Provisioning System (DPS) code to manage workflows in the SAP environment that encompass tasks performed by DB2 on z/OS. The DPS code can also be used to provide workflow management and automation capabilities on DB2 for z/OS without the need for LVM or the SAP application.

Analytics Services

Smart Analytics Solutions

This offering provides new or existing System z clients with a complete end-to-end software and hardware solution for deploying business analytics. Systems Lab Services performs or assists with software installation in conjunction with IBM Software Group and IBM Cognos Services. ISAS 9700 is offered in a Standard Configuration and a Foundation Configuration. The Standard Configuration includes z/OS, DB2 for z/OS, zLinux, InfoSphereWarehouse, and optionally Cognos. The Foundation Configuration includes z/OS, DB2 for z/OS, and optionally Cognos.

DB2 Analytics Accelerator

IBM® DB2® Analytics Accelerator Service provides the capability of accelerating by several orders of magnitude complex analytic queries on a standalone DB2 environment, an SAP BW environment or as an integral part of the IBM Smart Analytics System 9700 solution. Lab Services will assist installations with the configuration and enablement of their IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for DB2 on z/OS on a zEnterprise server. The technology allows the client to address the needs of their critical business intelligence operational workloads.

Data Warehouse Solutions

Looking to move your existing Data Warehousing onto System z and want to maximize the workload management strengths of the System z platform? Considering moving your existing Data Warehouse onto System z and concerned about query performance? We have services that can help you. IBM’s workload management policy review for data warehousing service is targeted to clients with existing data warehousing/business intelligence solutions and a large, enterprise data warehouse. It provides a best practice review of System z workload used with a Data Warehouse. It also includes a DB2 subsystem data warehouse review and a System z Workload Manager review. Dynamic SQL performance review for data warehouse on System z service is for clients with existing data warehouse/business intelligence solutions and a large, enterprise Data Warehouse. It will target selected high CPU/high I/O SQL queries.

Security Services

Secure Cloud on System z

Ensuring a secure implementation is a common requirement for a client Cloud solution. The System z platform, provides some inherent capabilities to secure your Cloud solution. This offering provides clients with the security expertise required to assess, design and implement a secure Cloud solution on System z. It will help in ensuring all infrastructure layers from the hypervisor z/VM and the network to the operating system (Linux on System z) and middleware are secure. It also helps to secure the integration between System z and the Cloud management platform as well as other security concerns such as data segregation, multi-tenant security and standards compliance.

Create and manage certificates for enterprise encryption

System z Lab Services can help you reduce the costs associated with using digital certificates across your enterprise. Digital certificates increase security for network activity. Stop paying someone else and become your own certificate authority using the tools you already own. Leverage PKI Services for z/OS and your web server to get started, or use your DB2, WebSphere, and Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS (TDS for z/OS) for high volume certificate provisioning.

Enable enterprise LDAP identity directory on z/OS

Proper access protection and auditing requires all requests to possess a trusted identity. Identity directory servers store these identities and provide services such as authentication. On z/OS, the security server is traditionally the identity directory for z/OS subsystems. Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS (TDS z/OS) is an identity directory server following Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for LDAP-compliant enterprise middleware platforms. This solution will allow your enterprise to take your identities into a centralized repository while benefiting from the inherent high scalability, availability and security that comes with z/OS.

Centralize key management for storage encryption

Leveraging device based encryption and key management helps you meet legislative requirements and industry standards. Lab Services can assist you with design, implementation and installation of centralized key management servers. IBM’s key management solutions for open and z/OS systems have the ability to provide features for robust protection of data at rest. Leveraging encryption of data on disk or tape is a valuable direction for companies to proceed. In many instances, it is a statutory mandate as well.

Review and strengthen System z security posture

System z security features are cutting edge but they need to be enabled and configured properly in order to mitigate modern world risks. This offering provides you with the security expertise required to assess and improve your z/OS or Linux for System z security posture. Leveraging the security architecture analysis, the z/OS security manager analysis, or the specific components’ configuration security analysis, consultants recommend and report on how to mitigate weaknesses and enhance security protections.

Infrastructure Services

Operating System Consultation (z/OS, z/VM and Linux for System z)

IBM Systems Lab Services and Training provides you with expertise for core operating systems services to improve their efficiency of their z/Server platform. These services include consulting, optimization, implementation, virtualization and migration. The primary goal of these services is to help companies maximize infrastructure performance and lower the total cost of ownership without having to train and redeploy employees who may lack the experience in the System z environment. The complexity and variety of System z product options requires a wide variety of services to address specific client needs related to implementing, migrating, configuring, installing, consolidating and changing both new and existing machines.

Storage Design Consulting, Assessment and Implementation

IBM Systems Lab Services and Training can assist you with Storage systems and help you improve the efficiency of your storage infrastructure. IBM technical experts from Systems Lab Services can provide storage architecture, planning and design, optimization, consolidation, virtualization with a focus on the overall storage strategy. The primary goal of these services is to help companies maximize their storage infrastructure and reduce the total cost of ownership without having to train and redeploy employees who may lack the experience in the mainframe storage environment

Applications and Middleware Services

IBM Parallel Sysplex® Clustering and Data Sharing

IBM Parallel Sysplex® Clustering and Data Sharing is a cross-industry services solution that is designed to primarily assist midsize-to-large enterprises in a wide variety of industries to implement or simplify an IBM Parallel Sysplex environment with greater speed and ease, at a lower cost, and without having to train and redeploy employees who may lack the experience in this area.

Many organizations that are currently operating a sysplex environment may lack the in-house skills and expertise to manage the server infrastructure at an optimal level.

The IBM Parallel Sysplex® Clustering and Data Sharing solution can provide the essential expertise and experience that companies need to make the transition from a less efficient, complex server infrastructure to a flexible, standardized mainframe server foundation. You can benefit from increased operational efficiencies, lower costs, reduced total cost of ownership, and greater long-term flexibility and adaptability.

The offering will deliver a package of associated software maintenance and implementation services to define an optimal system layout based on your infrastructure availability requirements to provide you with a ready to use solution while employing industry standards and IBM recommended practices.

Data Sharing

After building a solid parallel sysplex environment, IBM Systems Lab Services and Training will provide you with expertise in the planning, design and implementation of data sharing. These services include defining an optimal system layout based on the customer’s infrastructure availability requirements, standards and employ IBM recommended practices.

DB2 z/OS and UDB

IBM Systems Lab Services and Training provides expertise related to the installation, configuration and implementation of DB2 on z/OS or LUW into their environment. You already have DB2 installed, services are available to migrate to a new release, install a new maintenance level or check the health of the DB2 environment. Performance tuning is also available as well as solutions that help exploit key z/OS technologies such as DB2 data sharing, storage technology using FlashCopy and DB2 accelerator technology.

WebSphere Application and Messaging

IBM Systems Lab Services and Training has expertise in a wide variety of WebSphere products on z/OS including: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere MQ and MQ Message Broker. We can assist with installation, configuration, administration, performance tuning and testing of each product to insure successful deployment in your environment. In addition, we can provide assistance in design of your middleware environment to get the best advantage of z/OS performance and high availability, using common, cross industry best practices.

CICS Transaction Server

IBM Systems Lab Services and Training can provide installation, configuration, and administration assistance for your existing CICS environment and our health checks can assess your existing environment for performance, scalability, availability and other cross-industry best-practices. We can also assist with adopting new functionality of CICS TS such as CICS Web Services, CPSM administrative environment, and the new Cloud-like provisioning of CICS regions.

Application Porting

Considering porting your distributed UNIX application to z/OS Unix Systems Services (USS)? Let IBM Systems Lab Services and Training expertise assist you in the planning, testing and troubleshooting your porting effort.

Networking Services

Design, Consulting and Reviews

Lab Services AIX, Linux, Windows, and z/OS Communications Server consultants offer worldwide assistance with network architecture designs to utilize the available features & functions, network assessments, and network health check review services customized specifically to your environment. Depending upon the services selected, the deliverable is either a network architecture design document with detailed step-by-step instructions for a successful migration or a report detailing the assessment/health check review findings and recommendations.

Communications Server Services

Lab Services AIX, Linux, Windows, and z/OS Communications Server consultants offer their experience with the product to assist you in a wide variety of services. These services can range from enabling new or existing features and functions including High Availability, version migrations, design implementations, IP security, troubleshooting, and customized services. By utilizing highly skilled Lab Services consultants, companies can accelerate their project timelines thus saving time and money while increasing the acceptance/satisfaction of the infrastructure change as a result of a successful deployment

Data Center Fiber Connectivity Implementation and High Availability

Lab Services System z and Power Systems™ consultants can offer assistance with fiber infrastructure. Services range from evaluation and health-checks of current fiber installation, to planning, assessment of options, design, installation, configuration, customization, and training. The focus is on options for Data Center Networking (DCN), distance connectivity, simplified reconfiguration, speed and media conversion as well as local area network (LAN) switches and routers, Storage Area Network (SAN) switches and Directors, physical layer switches (electrical or optical), Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), fiber plant and trunking, and optical transceivers. The deliverable is either a infrastructure design document with detailed step-by-step instructions for a successful implementation or a report detailing the assessment/health check review findings and recommendations.

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