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Design, build, secure, and enable management of a cloud infrastructure with the assistance of a team with the right skills and experience.

Cloud computing, a key part of Smarter Computing, drives value for both IT and the business. As part of the IBM development labs, the Systems Lab Services cloud team leverages relationships with cloud labs worldwide to build deep technical skills and exploit the expertise of our developers, to help you adopt new cloud solutions tailored to your needs. The combined expertise of Lab Services platform independent and platform-focused delivery teams (Power Systems, z Systems. and Storage) enables us to better align with customer's business strategy, help clients who will want customizations tailored to their cloud design and implementation, and provide the needed skills transfer.

As the move to the cloud is an incremental trip, not a giant leap, for both business partners and clients, Lab Services has offerings that respond to requirements all along the journey. Explore the sections below for services available for specific system and storage platforms as well as cross-platform offerings.

New offerings

New! OpenStack Cloud Design and Implementation Services (on IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack)

Take advantage of design services to customize the OpenStack solution that meets your requirements including single or multiple/hybrid Clouds. IBM will document the resulting solution, followed by development and implementation of the agreed upon solution. We will also provide the subject matter expertise to implement the Cloud solution.

New! OpenStack Jumpstart Implementation Services (on OpenStack Community Edition)

New! IBM Wave Jumpstart Services for zEnterprise

Prepare - evaluate and design the cloud environment

Cloud IT optimization assessment (CITOA) [cross platform]

This accelerated IT infrastructure analysis is designed to help clients evaluate the feasibility and estimate expected costs and benefits of implementing IBM’s advanced private cloud technologies. The assessment will develop recommendations based on optimization practices, workload attributes and comprehensive business cases. It may include an analysis of any part of the server or storage environment, including distributed or mainframe.

Cloud design workshop [System x, Power Systems, IBM SmartCloud Entry]

This engagement will develop a design and integration architecture for a private cloud based on IBM's SmartCloud offerings. The resulting architecture will be based on tested and approved reference architectures specifically created to address client pain points and requirements.

Integrate - infrastructure, virtualization, consolidation and management

System z virtualization infrastructure assessment [System z]

Ready, steady, evaluate. If you’re new to z/VM and Linux on System z or simply looking to gauge readiness to go into production, this health check with review your operating systems and Hypervisor levels to evaluate basic environment areas.

zEnterprise ensemble enablement jumpstart assistance for z/VM [System z]

This implementation and planning service is for zEnterprise ensemble implementations that will use Unified Resource Manager to manage Linux virtual servers on a zEnterprise. As with jumpstart assistance for zBX blades, the focus is on the Manage Suite functionality of Unified Resource Manager.

zEnterprise ensemble enablement jumpstart assistance for zBX blades [System z]

This implementation and planning service is for organizations that are interested in quickly implementing a zEnterprise and zBX Hybrid Computing Ensemble within a functional application test environment. The service is for environments with IBM Power blades or IBM x86 blades communicating with z/OS or z/VM environments in the ensemble. IBM Lab Services professionals set up the z/OS, zVM and zBX infrastructure. A test servlet is used to demonstrate the functionality of the ensemble and provide skills transfers and education to help ensure smooth ongoing operations. This offering focuses on the Manage level suite of functionality provided by Unified Resource Manager. Additional services for the Automate and Advance Manage Suites of functionality can be provided through the zEnterprise Ensemble Enablement for zBX Blades Starter Kit offering.

zEnterprise ensemble enablement for zBX blades starter kit [System z]

This comprehensive service offering is designed to accelerate implementation of a zEnterprise and zBX Hybrid Computing Ensemble within a functional application test environment. The environment may include IBM Power blades or IBM x86 blades communicating with z/OS or zVM environments in the Ensemble. Lab Services delivers the specialized skills needed to implement your ensemble, helps plan external network and storage connectivity to the Ensemble, and helps plan and define virtual network and storage resources to the Ensemble. Virtual resources and servers are defined on the blades, operating systems are installed, and help is provided to establish the test application environment in the ensemble. The offering also provides project coordination and the Unified Resource Manager skills transfer to your administrative, support, and engineering teams for skilled ongoing operation of the new hybrid computing environment. The comprehensive offering covers the automate and advance manage suites of functionality.

Virtualization enablement services [System x]

Better understand the value of VMware running on System x hardware and the benefit of adopting virtualization on the System x platform. Our team will work with you to understand your specific virtualization requirements, assemble a custom solution at your location and walk you through each step to set up a VMware environment.

VMWare services for physical to virtual migration enablement [System x]

Speed migration to a virtual server environment and reap the benefits of virtualization on System x. Physical to virtual migration services can help you plan a successful migration process and improve the success rate with tools training, an overview of best practices and shared hands-on experience.

BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud implementation services [System x]

Looking for a fully functional foundation for Cloud that is ready to start accepting workloads? BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud Implementation Services provides you just that and provide skills transfer to enable your staff such that it is capable of putting that work load into production. This service helps with the setup of the infrastructure (Servers, storage, networking, virtualization) and network and systems management integration.

This offering helps provide the fastest time to value by pre-defining components, pre-installing software, pre-integrating the hardware environment then testing the integrated solution to reduce risk and cost and ensure faster results.

Systems Director services [Power Systems]

These hands-on skills transfer and implementation services are designed to help customers install, configure and exploit the capabilities of IBM Systems Director Enterprise, Express and Standard Editions. This offering includes guidance with related software products.

Virtualization services for AIX on Power Systems

Our experienced consultants can help deploy IBM PowerVM™, N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV), Active Memory Sharing (AMS), Live Partition Mobility and others to help increase system resource utilization and fully exploit your investment.

System consolidation and migration service [cross platform]

Often requiring knowledge across a spectrum of technical topics, system consolidations and migrations can be complex tasks. When the mix includes multiple operating systems (and versions of them), systems, software and hardware and systems management issues (like virtualization), Lab Services can deliver the experience and insight into IBM products to help you succeed seamlessly.

Virtualization rapid assessment - initializing virtualization [cross platform]

This service helps build the case for the first step to virtualizing workloads. This rapid assessment workshop offering to help a customer by providing insights and detailed recommendations to assist them in understanding the potential implications of moving certain IT infrastructure components from a physical to a virtual environment.

Automate – standardization, automation and orchestration

Advanced systems management services for VM and Linux on System z

This systems management service is a custom offering providing advanced skills around the common systems management products utilized for a Linux on System z environment. Included are services for z/VM Directory Maintenance, SMAPI, Map Agent, Performance Toolkit, Omegamon XE, Operations Manager for z/VM, AUDELIUM, IBM Systems Director, and Tivoli Provisioning Manager.

Implementation services for zEnterprise Starter Edition for Cloud [System z]

This service provides for the installation and initial configuration of Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) with z/VM Virtual Infrastructure Workflows to manage the provisioning of Linux on System z virtual servers under z/VM. This offering provides a foundation for a private Cloud environment. A logical next step could be the integration of IBM Tivoli Monitoring with Omegamon XE and related Linux monitoring agents to expand cloud services.

IBM HPC management suite for cloud

Take advantage of state-of-the-art cloud services for high performance computing (HPC) by using a flexible and powerful resource manager that can be used to orchestrate clusters, as needed, to meet your HPC needs. The IBM HPC Management Suite for Cloud service can provide a self-service web portal, ensure rapid image deployment, power management, network partitioning, as well as usage metering and accounting.

Implementation services for IBM SmartCloud Entry [System x, Power Systems]

This offering is designed to provide a solution based on reference architectures or customized architectures to meet specific customer requirements determined during a design workshop. Services include the SmartCloud Entry software stack, infrastructure (servers, storage, networking, virtualization), integration (network, systems management) and skills transfer.

PowerVM provisioning toolkit [Power Systems]

Is your organization struggling to deploy IBM Power Systems and optimize IBM PowerVM technology? Is it taking longer than anticipated to install and configure virtual I/O servers and client partitions in your environment? If so, this service supports the rapid deployment and configuration of the Virtual IO Servers and client partitions on any POWER6 or POWER7 processor-based servers through the seamless integration of existing interfaces of PowerVM and IBM's award-winning virtualization technologies.

IBM Power systems PowerCare [Power Systems]

PowerCare service options provide Power Systems Models 780, and 795 clients with technical leadership and consulting at no additional charge. Manage and minimize system implementation risks and optimize and maximize availability of your system with a service option addressing High Availability, IBM Systems Director and VMControl, Systems Director Active Energy Manager, security, migration, Power Flex enablement, Big Data solutions, or performance optimization. The PowerCare Technical Training option can bring a subject matter expert to your site to raise the knowledge level of your technical team on one of several Power course topics. A new IBM Cloud Design Workshop offering examines a client’s cloud requirements and creates a blueprint for implementing the most suitable cloud solution on Power Systems.

Orchestrate – cloud optimization

Advanced cloud on power implementation services [Storage SAN, Power Systems]

This service will help clients implement an advanced cloud solution on Power Systems using IBM Systems Director, VMControl and IBM Services Delivery Manager (ISDM).

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