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IBM POWER® processor-based Linux®, IBM i and IBM AIX® systems combine leadership performance, energy efficiency and flexible virtualization and availability features. These products and technologies are designed to reduce costs, improve service and reduce risk for mission critical applications and highly virtualized, consolidated operating environments.

The IBM Systems Lab Services Power Services team is fully experienced in technology implementation in IBM Power Systems™ environments. We provide proven consulting in installation, migration, porting, application architecture and development, performance tuning and hands-on skills transfer. This highly-trained arm of the Power Systems development lab offers comprehensive knowledge of and experience with the products and solutions that can help you get more from your Power Systems investment.

In the past several releases of the operating systems, technologies have emerged that now give IBM Power Systems customers powerful new options to deploy enhanced backup, high availability (HA), and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Our consultants provide services associated with PowerHA for IBM i and PowerHA for AIX, the new name for HACMP (High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing).

IBM Power (AIX, IBM i, and Linux) offerings

IBM Power Systems PowerCare

PowerCare service options provide Power Systems Models E870 and E880 clients with technical leadership and consulting at no charge. Manage and minimize system implementation risks and optimize and maximize availability of your system with a service option addressing high availability, Cloud, Security, PowerVC, Systems Management, Linux or performance optimization. Or select the PowerCare Technical Training option to bring a subject matter expert to your site to raise the knowledge level of your technical team on one of several Power course topics.

Systems Director services

These hands-on skills transfer and implementation services are designed to help customers install, configure and exploit the capabilities of IBM Systems Director Enterprise, Express and Standard Editions. Includes guidance with related software products.

Performance tuning (system, application and database)

Performance consulting services range from the analysis of applications like AIX, RPG, Linux, IBM WebSphere®, Java™ and SQL based environments, to system tuning at memory, disk and processor levels. Typical deliverables include performance optimization and resolution of issues plus a summary report of the engagement.

Performance and scalability services

Plan and prepare for changes in the data center when using the IBM i operating system on Power Systems hardware with help from IBM Systems Lab Services. Whether assessing how an application performs when moving to the next release, determining the impact of application changes or understanding the benefits of new hardware, our team provides the hardware located in the Performance and Scalability Services Center, configured to your specifications, to test applications and evaluate performance benefits and scalability capabilities

IBM i solid state drive performance services

Lab Services provides three proof-of-concept options to help evaluate the benefits and return on investment in solid state drive (SSD) technology. Options range from data collection and analysis service to determine if SSD will provide a benefit to hardware configured to client specification in the Performance and Scalability Services Center.

Virtualization services for AIX on Power Systems

Our experienced consultants can help deploy IBM PowerVM™, N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV), Active Memory Sharing (AMS), Live Partition Mobility and others to help increase system resource utilization and fully exploit your investment.

Application and database modernization consulting (SOA implementation)

Understand your current application architecture and learn about other technologies available and plan a roadmap to achieve your goals. We’ll install and configure enterprise solutions, help implement a services strategy to externalize data and business logic in a secure manner and offer tuning suggestions to can increase performance and scalability.

Linux on Power consulting, custom application development and implementation services

Lab Services delivers top-notch consulting for Linux on Power Systems. Available services include architecture, application deployment and porting, performance analysis and tuning, virtualization (PowerVM), middleware consulting, implementation, training, health checks and integration with IBM i.

Security on Power consulting and implementation services

If you’re concerned how to correctly implement a security requirement, or need resources to supplement your current security-focused team, Lab Services provides general and custom consulting. Services include password elimination and single sign-on, data and tape encryption, system auditing setup and analysis, system security assessments, breach analysis and penetration testing, integration and jumpstart services for PowerSC, WebSphere Application Server (WAS) security health checks, and tools to help manage security in your Power Systems environment.

DB2 for i consulting and implementation services

The DB2 for i Lab Services team helps clients best achieve their business requirements using information and data management strategies through consulting, skills transfer, and services. Combining years of experience with direct access to the DB2 for i and IBM i development teams, the DB2 for i Lab Services team members are the experts when it comes to performance, scalability, database and query modernization, and analytics solutions using DB2 for i.

System consolidation and migration services

Often requiring knowledge across a spectrum of technical topics, systems consolidation and migration projects can be complex tasks. When the mix includes multiple operating systems (and versions of them), systems, software and hardware and systems management issues (like virtualization), Lab Services can deliver the experience and insight into IBM products to help you succeed seamlessly.

SAP on IBM i center of excellence

Leverage our longtime partnership with SAP to your SAP on IBM i solution. The philosophy of the SAP on IBM i Center of Excellence is one of self-reliance. From pre-project planning and architecture, through go-live and production support, our SAP certified consultants provide the critical bridge between the IBM i platform and your SAP applications.

High performance computing consulting and implementation services

Lab Services consultants can assist with the design, architecture, installation and implementation of a High Performance Computing environment and applications that run in that environment. Our experts are skilled in Linux and the Power Systems and even BlueGene platforms

IBM i on Power Systems workshops

Lab Services subject matter experts periodically deliver technical workshops on key solutions and technologies in a workshop setting. Click on the following link for descriptions, schedule, and enrollment instructions for currently available workshops.

High availability services for IBM Power Systems

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX

IBM PowerHA® for AIX® offers robust high-availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM Power Systems customers with mission-critical applications. PowerHA is a mature solution providing monitoring, failure detection and automated failover for business application environments. Our consultants provide the skills and resources needed to assess your current environment and design a high availability and/or disaster recovery solution to meet your business requirements. In addition, they install and implement your PowerHA solution including developing best practice processes, creating automated scripts, providing documentation and training to meet your unique business requirements.

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror® for i is the IBM Power Systems offering for high availability and disaster recovery. It's an IBM licensed program designed to configure and manage a variety of business continuity solutions based on IBM storage, Independent ASPs (IASPs), and clustering. It supports IASPs deployed using either internal storage (via geographic mirroring) or external storage (via IBM Copy Services). IBM Storage platforms include IBM System Storage® DS8000 series and IBM Storwize® V7000, V5000, V3700 and SAN Volume Controller-SAN units. Our consultants provide the skills and resources needed to assess your current environment, develop an enhanced backup, High Availability (HA), or disaster recovery (DR) strategy, and implement your PowerHA solution to meet your business requirements.

Availability Architecture and Design workshop for IBM Power Systems

Experienced consultants will host an availability planning and design workshop at an IBM facility or the client location tailored to specific customer objectives, technologies, or areas of interest. The availability workshop agenda may include presentations from subject matter experts, technology reviews, product demonstrations, and prototype development. The intent of the workshop is to better understand the business continuity requirements and current IT infrastructure, review various architectures, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each, and converge on a high-level design. This service is available for both AIX® and IBM i environments.

PowerHA and storage planning workshop and implementation for AIX

Our team will deliver a workshop that would plan the integration of PowerHA with IBM Storage. This is useful when an IBM Systems Storage is to be implemented along with a PowerHA cluster. The engagement can include a review of the application environment, review of storage requirements for the application, a review of PowerHA and disaster recovery requirements for the application, and the development of the storage device configuration. Lab Services can also perform the implementation of the plan.

PowerHA and storage planning workshop and implementation for IBM i

This service provides experienced resources to implement an HA/DR solution for IBM Power Systems servers with IBM Storage. Depending on the specific business requirements, the end-to-end solution implementation may include a combination of PowerHA® for IBM i and/or PowerHA Tools for IBM i. These services will also include appropriate storage software such as Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, and FlashCopy.

PowerHA for IBM i bandwidth analysis

Sufficient bandwidth is a critical success factor for deploying PowerHA. An experienced IBM i consultant will review network bandwidth requirements for implementing storage based replication. IBM will review I/O data patterns and provide a bandwidth estimate to build into the business and project plan for clients deploying PowerHA for IBM i.

Independent ASP (IASP) migration workshop for IBM i

The workshop is designed for customers considering a PowerHA solution who require training and an initial proof of concept without significant time or hardware investments. IASP migration generally involves work management modifications to provide jobs access to the correct libraries and objects. In most cases, this can be accomplished with no application code modifications. The agenda provides a combination of education and hands-on activities to review IASP migration considerations including work management, operations and troubleshooting.

PowerHA tools for IBM i

IBM Systems Lab Services has developed IBM i business continuity software utilities designed to effectively support the use of Independent ASPs (IASPs), clustering using IBM external storage (including DS8000® and Storwize V7000), and full system copy services. The utilities are designed to automate the server and storage operations required to copy or replicate the database (IASP). Each utility has a unique design point to address varied customer requirements and can be installed as stand-alone solutions or in various combinations to support more complex environments. The utilities complement PowerHA and provide reliable, hardware-based copy and replication services, and simple, automated failover of data between sites for HA and/or DR. This has no overhead on IBM i CPU or memory requirements as copy and replication services are off-loaded to external storage.

These offerings include:

Software services for IBM Power Systems

Software Services are solutions designed and developed by IBM Systems Lab in response to client-driven requirements, coded and tested in IBM product laboratories, and at work in client installations. The solutions are typically packaged as part of a consulting services engagement. The services engagement consist of the software license and software maintenance, as well as skills transfer, planning, design and implementation services.

To see the complete portfolio of IBM Systems Lab Services Software Services, visit our wiki.

PowerVM provisioning toolkit

Is your organization struggling to deploy IBM Power Systems and optimize IBM PowerVM technology? Is it taking longer than anticipated to install and configure virtual I/O servers and client partitions in your environment? If so, this service supports the rapid deployment and configuration of the Virtual IO Servers and client partitions on any POWER6® or POWER7® processor-based servers through the seamless integration of existing interfaces of PowerVM and IBM's award-winning virtualization technologies.

PowerSC tools for IBM i

IBM PowerSC™ Tools for IBM i is a service offering from IBM Systems Lab Services that provides a wide range of security and compliance capabilities that can enhance the integrated security features of the IBM i operating system. Each tool can be purchased and used independently to meet your business needs.

Optical media migration tool for IBM i

This tool and its associated services are provided for clients running the IBM i operating system and direct attached optical library storage who are considering migration of their optical media data to newer optical media technology or other archive technologies and want the fastest possible copy/transfer capability.

Virtual optical library for IBM i

The image catalog optical media library (virtual optical library) is an alternative to physical optical libraries that attach to the IBM i for use as an archive storage repository with existing applications. Because this offering is based on virtual optical media stored in IFS directories, it has no dependencies on optical library hardware or host system adapters that can no longer be purchased. It is compatible with the latest Power Systems hardware and IBM i operating system versions. It maintains current application interfaces, so it offers a migration path from existing optical library media and preserves optical library enabled application investments.

RPG handlers for interfacing applications

Do you have a number of older applications written in RPG? Are you looking to integrate interfaces to these applications and still retain all of your RPG code? Through the “IBM Rational Open Access: RPG Edition” tool you can integrate interfaces to other applications with new and legacy RPG applications.

This solution provides a general purpose handler for Rational Open Access: RPG Edition. This handler provides a high speed bridge between object oriented languages like Java and all the file types supported by ILE RPG. It allows your RPG programmers to focus on the business logic using the familiar and powerful file support built into the language, while allowing your interface designers to use standard object oriented interfaces for their work. This handler enhances the proven Lab Services File Format Messaging support with enhanced security options in addition to the simplified programming interface provided by Open Access.

Retail application interface suite

The RAIS solution has been proven over the past 15 years to be a resilient and powerful tool for clients. With its up-to-date communication facilities, it allows for a marriage of both workstation point-of-sale devices and the IBM i on Power environment to create an effective retail solution for sales oriented businesses. It allows you to focus on business matters and provides the tools you need to track sales volumes, inventory, calculate and automate re-order points, and more.

LPAR application interface programming toolkit

This toolkit provides CL command and familiar “green screen” interfaces allowing safe, dynamic movement of resources between logical partitions on IBM i. It eliminates the need for custom programming, XML generation, parsing, and detailed knowledge of IBM i hardware and LPAR concepts. The benefits that result are typically a reduction in the cost of dedicated partition resources such as tape units and system towers. It can minimize potential user errors that cause system outages and additionally it allows you to move I/O, processor, interactive CPW, and memory resources easily via familiar CL commands and menus. Finally it removes the need for manual intervention for sharing resources during business operations.