Who Is Lab Services Power Systems?

Proven Expertise

IBM Power Systems offer servers designed for mission-critical applications and built with open technologies. Power Systems servers are designed for optimized big data and can flexibly adapt to changing business demands. Lab Services Power Systems is an experienced group of technical consultants with proven expertise to help clients with designing, building, and delivering Power Systems infrastructure for Linux, AIX, and IBM i solutions.

Our Services

Hybrid Cloud

We help businesses design and build hybrid cloud infrastructure based on a foundation of PowerVM or KVM virtualization. We help clients implement PowerVC as a foundation for OpenStack-based private cloud management services for Power Systems, storage, and networking. We also provide services for integrating with cloud management and orchestration platforms. Additionally, we advise clients on designing hybrid cloud applications with IBM Bluemix, integrating with their systems of record.


We help businesses deliver virtualization. Our PowerVM virtualization services include the PowerVM Provisioning Tool that automates and accelerates building virtualized systems frames for POWER8 migration and disaster recovery, a PowerVM Live Partition Mobility Automation Tool that simplifies and improves business controls for live migrations and maintenance of servers with high volumes of partitions, and a VSCSI to NPIV Migration Tool that simplifies I/O migrations with no downtime.

Analytics for Cognitive Business

We help businesses build open infrastructure for high performance computing applications and big data analytics, including for Hadoop and Spark, featuring Linux on Power, IBM BigInsights, and IBM Elastic Storage solutions. In addition, we provide advisory services for securely integrating structured operational data held on systems of record with analytics and reporting on systems of engagement such as Cognos and IBM DB2 Web Query solutions.

High Performance Computing

We help clients build Power Systems scale-out clusters for high performance computing (HPC) applications, including planning, integrating, and verifying compute, storage, network, software, and workload requirements. We also implement and optimize IBM Spectrum Computing’s policy-driven resource management solutions and parallel file systems for HPC.

Service Predictability

We help clients assess and improve their high-availability, resiliency, and IT service management capabilities, practices, and procedures based on IBM operations management and resiliency software. Our implementation services practices include PowerHA clustering technology for AIX and IBM i, leveraging IBM Storage solutions including IBM MetroMirror, GlobalMirror and FlashCopy.

Migration Factory

Our Lab Services Migration Factory helps businesses assess and design migrations from other server and database (including Oracle and SAP HANA) platforms to Power Systems infrastructure. We also help clients migrate faster between generations of Power Servers with infrastructure build tools for enterprise scale provisioning and live migration automation. We help clients reduce the costs and risks of migration with a proven process, specialized tools, and many years of migration experience.

Accelerating POWER8 Migration

We help clients migrate faster between generations of Power servers with enterprise scale provisioning and live migration automation tools. Our POWER8 server migration services include POWER8 Migration Planning to develop a transition plan for new technologies, POWER8 Migration Validation with an on-site pre-production readiness review to validate migration best practices and performance, and POWER8 Migration Automation services with tools and skills transfer to accelerate provisioning and migration efficiency.

Database Migration and Optimization

We help clients running Oracle database solutions on Power, with options for performance optimization and workload placement for license cost management. We advise clients on design options for open-source databases, including MongoDB, EnterpriseDB, and MariaDB for deployment of new applications or Oracle database replacement. We also monitor and assess the performance and efficiency of application and database environments on Power Systems, recommending and implementing best practices for optimal performance on AIX and IBM i across a full solution stack of DB2 and Oracle databases, server, storage, and virtualization environments.


We help clients build their SAP HANA solutions with Linux on Power Systems with a tailored data center infrastructure strategy. We advise clients on design options for flexible virtualization and capacity management to ensure their server, storage, and networking resources meet business requirements and SAP KPIs. We also advise clients on best practices for data migration to SAP HANA on Power from a variety of database environments and server platforms.


We help clients assess security and compliance practices and procedures across multiple operating systems, identifying any exposures, recommending the adoption of best practices, and if necessary, advising on or performing remediation.

IBM Systems Lab Services

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IBM Systems Lab Services has the proven expertise to help leaders design, build, and deliver IT infrastructure for the cognitive era.

With proven expertise derived from a combination of business and technical experience, we can help you:

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