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A new kind of consulting experience

With changing market dynamics, emerging technologies, and increasing operating costs, three business priorities have emerged; understanding IT’s role as a critical enabler, incorporating technology innovation and transformation into the landscape, and optimizing IT capabilities.

Lab Services Executive Consulting solutions offer a solid starting point to address today’s challenges. Whether addressing an immediate pain point like infrastructure optimization or more long–term IT transformation such as designing a roadmap for the organization, we’re here to assist you in achieving imminent success while positioning you to be future ready.

Solutions rooted in your reality

Your existing technology environment, not a blank slate, is foundational to our solutions. Proven analytics highlight specific areas for attention within and across IT capabilities as well as correlate drivers, impacts, and recommendations across areas such as financials, governance, architecture, and service management. We also offer advice around new and innovative trends such as cloud, analytics, mobile and social technologies.

Let us help assess, strategize, plan, and orchestrate your programs through execution to ultimate success.

Our expertise

Lab Services Executive Consulting teams offer vast and deep expertise in IT capabilities such as:

Our Solutions

With experience gained from hundreds of client engagements, our solutions have been tailored to address today’s business challenges. If the following representative sample of solutions does not specifically meet your needs and ultimate goals, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you to develop a custom solution.

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If your two–to–three–year strategic IT roadmap and its projects doesn't clearly integrate with and enable the objectives and imperatives of the business you serve, consider:

If an IBM point of view could help evolve your current IT infrastructure; -whether your environment is traditional, outsourced or a combination-; consider:

If your complex IT environment has become increasingly more difficult and costly to develop and maintain, consider

If you need to transform IT service delivery to integrate with business innovation, consider:

If your business critical IT infrastructure architecture and service management processes do not provide for fast recovery from incidents or outages, consider:

If you’re interested in leveraging new technologies to provide cost reductions, environmental savings, reduced complexity, system efficiencies, and operational performance improvements, consider:

If you’re interested in improving data center energy efficiency, consider:

Getting started

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