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Make the most of the IBM products and solutions in Smarter Analytics, in a methodical and business-focused approach.

The escalating volume, variety and velocity of information generated in today’s hyper-connected world presents businesses with a major challenge. For those organizations wise enough to capitalize on it, this abundance of information offers a major opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Through the Smarter Analytics portfolio, IBM helps organizations apply analytic capabilities that are appropriately tuned to the task at hand – whether optimizing a marketing campaign, improving operational efficiency, closing the financial books faster, or evaluating the likelihood of customer churn. IBM gives a holistic approach to helping organizations turn information into insight, and insight into better business outcomes.

IBM Systems Lab Services has a broad portfolio of integrated information and analytics capabilities, including Big Data, SAP HANA/BWA, IDAA, Business Intelligence, and more, positioned to help you make the most of the IBM products and solutions in Smarter Analytics, in a methodical and business-focused approach.

Analytics on Power (including Big Data)

IBM Power Analytics Assessment Offering

With IBM Linux on Power solutions for big data, your company can realize your business analytics objectives faster, at a lower cost, enabling you to quickly sift through volumes of data that can transform your decision making from intuition-driven to data-driven while having a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Through this assessment, IBM can help you understand your data, identify opportunities where Big Data (Streams, BigInsights) will make the biggest impact on your business. Key features of the Big Data Analytics Assessment include providing an overview of IBM Big Data technologies (Stream computing, Map-reduce, InfoSphere Streams, InfoSphere BigInsights), developing use cases and scenarios, and integration plans.

Big Data Jumpstart

IBM consultants will engage with you to enable IBM Big Data adoption in conjunction with IBM Systems technologies. You will be provided education on a variety of Big Data related topics, including coverage of reference architectures, InfoSphere Streams and InfoSphere BigInsights installation, configuration, tuning and administration, as well as hardware architecture optimization.

Big Data Application Architecture and Development

Through this service, Lab Services will engage with you to architect and build solutions to solve Big Data computing problems. You will gain both a broad and in-depth view of problems you are trying to solve and will gain the ability to leverage solutions using IBM Big Data technologies including InfoSphere Streams and InfoSphere BigInsights. The engagement focuses on providing IBM system expertise and optimization of application code for performance using that knowledge. Hardware architecture optimization options are provided to maximize ROI for the purchased technology.

Analytics on System z

Smart Analytics Solutions on System z

This offering provides new or existing System z clients with a complete end-to-end software and hardware solution for deploying business analytics. Systems Lab Services performs or assists with software installation in conjunction with IBM Software Group and IBM Cognos Services. ISAS 9700 is offered in a Standard Configuration and a Foundation Configuration. The Standard Configuration includes z/OS, DB2 for z/OS, zLinux, InfoSphereWarehouse, and optionally Cognos. The Foundation Configuration includes z/OS, DB2 for z/OS, and optionally Cognos.

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Enablement Services

IBM® DB2® Analytics Accelerator Service provides the capability of accelerating by several orders of magnitude complex analytic queries on a standalone DB2 environment, an SAP BW environment or as an integral part of the IBM Smart Analytics System 9700 solution. The technology allows the client to address the needs of their critical business intelligence operational workloads. Lab Services will assist installations with the configuration and enablement of their IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for DB2 on z/OS on a zEnterprise server.

Dynamic SQL Performance Review for Data Warehouse on System z

Looking to move your existing Data Warehousing onto System z and want to maximize the workload management strengths of the System z platform? Considering moving your existing Data Warehouse onto System z and concerned about query performance? We have services that can help you. IBM’s workload management policy review for data warehousing service is targeted to clients with existing data warehousing/business intelligence solutions and a large, enterprise data warehouse. It provides a best practice review of System z workload using a Data Warehouse. It also includes a DB2 subsystem data warehouse review and a System z Workload Manager review. Dynamic SQL performance review for data warehouse on System z service is for clients with existing data warehouse/business intelligence solutions and a large, enterprise Data Warehouse. It will target selected high CPU/high I/O SQL queries.

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