The mission of the worldwide Design Centers is to design and architect innovative end-to-end solutions for selected clients that want to leverage leading-edge IBM technologies for their set-up of a Smarter Computing IT environment.

The worldwide IBM Design Centers consist of certified IT architects and specialists using state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies in the IBM portfolio. The Design Center team works with global IBM architects, specialists, technical sellers, clients and Business Partners to accelerate sales as part of the CVM process.

Design Center services

The services or workshops provided by the Design Centers include:

The Design Centers provide global support, and have a physical presence in multiple locations worldwide including:

Customized workshops, whiteboarding sessions, and consultation sessions are available based on your needs, context and scope of the request. To request additional information, please use the link on the top right of this page, or contact your IBM representative.

The Design Centers also work directly with the Executive Briefing Centers, Benchmark and POC Centers to provide hybrid service offerings. These engagements can enhance your experience. As an example, as part of a briefing you can add a roundtable, whiteboarding session, or a short workshop (four hours) to help a client identify opportunities where new technology or product features can be used to solve or expand their business capabilities.

The Design Centers focus on leading edge and emerging technologies. The following is a sample of the technologies and focus areas we currently support, but it is not exclusive to just this list.

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