The Design Center experience

Our engagements rely upon an IBM patented methodology which enables our staff to work very efficiently with your key technical and business leaders to quickly ascertain the challenges you face and the requirements which must be met to help you overcome them. Our team of highly trained IT Architects and IT Specialists will engage with your technical staff to assist you in designing dynamic infrastructure solutions built on today’s leading technologies to meet the ever changing needs of your business.

Requesting a Design Center engagement

You can contact your IBM representative to request a nomination from the Design Center closest to you: Poughkeepsie, NY, U.S., Montpellier, France, Makuhari, Japan or Böblingen, Germany. (If you do not know your IBM representative, contact us to request information.) After reviewing the nomination information provided by the IBM representative, we will determine if a Design Center engagement is the best way to service the request, or if the client would be better served by directing the request to another IBM team more suited to handle their specific requirements and objectives.

Requirements gathering

This is the first phase of any design center engagement. It can be as brief as a couple of hours at the start of a one day onsite workshop or up to one and one-half days for larger engagements. The Design Center team gathers and reviews the pertinent information with your key technical leaders. In larger engagements the Design Center team returns on day two to present our understanding of the information reviewed followed by a discussion of potential next steps.

Design workshop

The workshop is the second phase of a design center engagement and can last up to 5 days. Based on the agreed upon scope and objectives, the Design center team will work with your key staff in an interactive workshop at our facilities to assess, analyze, and design a solution that meets your requirements. By the conclusion of the workshop any next steps, action items, deliverable commitments and agreed upon dates are reviewed and the Design Center team works with the client to help them prepare an executive presentation to their management.

Dynamic Infrastructure deployment

We work with you and the account teams to help ensure a smooth transition from Design Center engagement to follow on activities and dynamic infrastructure deployment. You use the experience gained at the Design Center to move forward into implementation. During the wrap-up, IBM works with you for references or testimonials.

Other centers we work with

The Design Centers interact with other teams across IBM to help you get to the right solution. Some of the IBM teams we work with are: