IBM PureFlex and Flex System Overview

IBM PureFlex System is an expert integrated system which offers x86 and Power compute nodes along with storage, networking and services in a single product.   Flex System is foundation hardware platform for PureFlex providing  next generation bladed technology.  This topic describes the PureFlex value proposition, x86 and Power compute nodes, IO architecture, discussion of competition, recent announcements, and roadmap.

IBM Flex Systems Manager

This topic does a deep-dive into the systems management capability of the PureFlex System. It includes: Flex System Manager overview, architectural implementation, integrated management functions, and chassis management module. Demo of the management interface is also included in this topic.

x86 Trends & Innovation with System x

This topic reviews server trends and technologies effecting the x86 server segment along with IBM's focus on delivering server solutions for a dynamic infrastructure that improve service, reduce cost and manage risk. Discussion elements include: IBM innovative technologies, X-Architecture, management tools and a review of System x scale-out and scale-up server platforms.

IBM Systems Management Overview and Demos

Management of System x, BladeCenter and Flex Systems is designed to be tailored to the needs of individual environments. Hardware level "built in" management is provided with the Integrated Management Module. Independent, purpose specific tools to deploy, configure, update, and diagnose systems are provided via Tools Center. Upward Integration Modules are designed to enhance management of virtual environments through integration into native virtualization management tools such as vCenter. IBM Systems Director is a platform management foundation that streamlines the way physical and virtual systems are managed across a multi-system environment. Finally, Flex Systems Manager provides integrated management of Flex environments. This session will review these management options, Demonstrations typically include various aspects of monitoring, updating, controlling, and configuring System x,BladeCenter and Flex System servers.

IBM Storage Solutions

This presentation will provide a review of storage trends and the IBM Storage portfolio of offerings. The role of IBM storage in Smarter Computing will be emphasized, as will solutions for storage efficiency to manage the information explosion. IBM disk positioning will be discussed among XIV, Storwize family, DS family, and N series. Also included will be an overview and demonstration of software solutions providing virtualization and storage resource management - SAN Volume Controller and Tivoli Storage Productivity Center. Time permitting, advanced features providing end-to-end solutions such as data deduplication, data compression, disaster recovery, and Scale Out NAS (SONAS) can be covered.

Virtualizing the Desktop

Gartner predicts that “desktop virtualization, has the potential to outstrip server virtualization” when it comes to overall ROI. And according to Info-Tech “the technology has advanced such that virtual desktops can now deliver a full desktop PC experience’. This topic examines the opportunities that today’s organizations have to improve security, simplify manageability and reduce the cost of their PC environment through the execution of a hosted/thin client implementation. Discussion elements include an architectural review and the strengths and limitations of the variety of different approaches available today... shared services, physical platforms and virtual hosted clients.

IBM PureApplication Overview

IBM PureApplication System uses the Flex System hardware and adds IBM software and services for a highly integrated product that dramatically reduces the time to value for installing an IT solution. This topic includes: PureApplication System value proposition, discussion of competition, x86 and Power solutions, and roadmap.

IBM Strategy

This is a new world. Our old assumptions about the speed of business no longer apply. We are seeing explosions in the growth of data and deficiencies in the ways we interact with that data. We are facing greater risks and less resources. IBM has a strategy to help our customers not only survive these challenges but to prosper with the opportunities they provide. These are the trends, environments, issues and technologies that we will discuss in this topic.

Cloud Overview

This topic reviews the IBM Cloud strategy and it’s value in an enterprise. Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology. With IBM’s enterprise class cloud computing capabilities, you have the trusted partner to help you assess cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points. Specifically we will review our STG SmartCloud family of offerings which provide better time to value for the organization.

Data Center Efficiency - Green Solutions Center Tour

The guided tour of the RTP EBC Green Solutions Center (GSC) may be stand-alone or combined with any of the topics listed. The GSC is an experiential showcase highlighting IBM and partner technology solutions to improve data center efficiency and lower operational expense. Featured demonstrations include: IBM Scalable Modular Data Center (SMDC), IBM Rear Door Heat eXchanger and IBM and partner data center management tools.

NeXtScale and iDataPlex Solutions

IBM System x NeXtScale and iDataPlex, provide scale out solutions, helping you face constraints in power, cooling or physical space. The innovative design of the these solutions integrate Intel® Xeon® processor-based processing into the node, rack and data center for power and cooling efficiencies, and required compute density. This presentation will review the business benefits provided by this innovative design and provide an update and the most recent technology announcements. Demonstrations of a fully functional iDataPlex rack with an operational rear door heat exchanger are also available.

Data Center Site & Facilities Services

IBM Global Offerings Site & Facilities Services can help you with all aspects of data center assets and efficiency. Professional services can be tailored to help clients identify their requirements, capabilities and options for data centers. This includes building new facilities, and optimizing, relocating or consolidating existing facilities. The discussion will focus on best practices for data center design flexibility to achieve the lowest capital expenditure and lowest operating cost.

Leadership Data Center (LDC) Tour

This is a guided tour of Research Triangle Park’s new Leadership Data Center designed to support new compute models like cloud computing, in order to help clients from around the world operate smarter businesses, organizations and cities. Phase 1 is complete at 60,000 sq. ft. / 6MW of power and will ultimately total 100,000 sq. ft. / 15MW of power. The facility, designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, aggressively conserves energy resources; saving cost and speeding services deployment through a smart management approach that links equipment, building systems and data center operations.

Design Lab Tour

This guided tour provides the forward thinking of IBM's Hardware Experience Design Group - a comprehensive team of design and usability professionals dedicated to helping our clients understand and solve future challenges on IBM servers, racks and infrastructure. By engaging in a collaborative relationship with our clients, through the Experience Design Process, we develop innovative "concept cars" for the delivery and differentiation of our products, services and business practices. Clients under NDA are provided this unique level of insight and are invited to share first hand feedback on future concepts and strategy.

Data Center Networking

Networking plays an essential role in supporting virtualized IT resources and in enabling a dynamic infrastructure. In dynamic environments, the network must do more than just carry traffic and support the provisioning of new IT services. It must have the built-in flexibility and capability to automatically change configurations while maintaining comprehensive security, visibility and management. Networks for smarter systems must be flexible, responsive and managed together with the rest of the IT infrastructure.

IBM Storage Extended and In-Depth Topics

Requirements can be accommodated for additional time spent on specific storage topics. These extended topics can focus on more technical aspects such as architecture and demonstrations, and solutions such as copy services, deduplication and compression. Duration for an extended topic would typically be up to 2 hours. If there is a requirement for more than 2 hours, we can provide an in-depth client engagement with typically a 1-day duration. Using a workshop approach, elements of the client storage environment such as assessment, planning, design, and implementation can be engaged and discussed. Extended and In-depth topics include but are not limited to: - Storage Cloud offerings - Data Deduplication - Data Compression - Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity - SAN Volume Controller - Tivoli Storage Productivity Center - IBM XIV - IBM SAN Central Tour

IBM XIV Storage System

XIV is a revolutionary, high-end, disk storage system designed to eliminate the complexity of administration and management of tiered storage. This presentation will examine XIV in greater detail, including the virtualized grid architecture, performance, reliability, scalability, copy services, thin provisioning, and a demonstration of the GUI management interface.

IBM SAN Volume Controller

SVC is designed to combine storage capacity from multiple disk systems into a reservoir of capacity that can be managed more efficiently and consolidate function and features. This presentation will provide a more detailed overview of SVC including architecture, performance, reliability, scalability, copy services and a demonstration of the GUI management interface.

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center can help manage the capacity utilization of storage systems, file systems and databases. It can help automate file-system capacity provisioning, perform device configuration and management of multiple devices from a single user interface. Additionally, it can tune and proactively manage the performance of storage devices on the Storage Area Network (SAN) and manage, monitor and control your SAN fabric.

IBM Data Compression

IBM Real-time Compression includes patented technology that offers efficiency and optimization for data storage. It compresses data when it is first stored so less physical data is sent to storage systems, without negatively impacting performance. Transparent to your business applications and storage network, it works with any data type that isn’t already compressed—even integrating with your deduplication and virtualization solutions—to enable a new level of storage efficiency.

IBM Data Deduplication

Data deduplication, also called intelligent compression or single-instance storage, is a means of reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored. This presentation will provide an overview of the methods by which IBM is delivering data deduplication including ProtecTIER, TSM v6.x and N series A-SIS.

IBM Storage Cloud Offerings

IBM offers an expanding menu of cloud storage services, available on a pay-per-use basis, delivered from state-of-the-art IBM data centers. IBM also helps clients implement public, private, and hybrid cloud storage services, with expert consulting and workload optimized systems.

IBM Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

How do you determine the resiliency and recovery requirements of your business? How do you identify and integrate critical business and IT priorities into a comprehensive continuity and resiliency strategy? This presentation will explore IBM technologies and services designed to help you implement disaster recovery, continuity of business operations, improved systems availability, and protection of data.

IBM SAN Central Tour

IBM SAN Central in RTP is a support lab which contains the resources and technologies required to assist clients with issues arising in their storage area network. The team can work directly with the customer and also with other support teams to troubleshoot the problem, develop coordinated action plans, and drive to a comprehensive resolution. The tour includes a brief presentation about the purpose and benefit of SAN Central, followed by a tour of the technology on the lab floor.

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