Power Systems Trends and Directions

The IBM Power Systems family provides the modularity, flexibility, efficiency, resiliency and scalability demanded of a more dynamic IT infrastructure. With Power Systems anchoring their solutions, IT organizations can be more responsive to the needs of the business while reducing costs and managing risk. This session covers the latest advancements in Power Systems technology, PowerVM virtualization solutions, storage technologies and more. Insights into investment priorities and plans will also be provided.

IBM i Trends and Directions

Recent innovations for IBM i, the industry’s premier integrated operating system, continue to set new standards for resiliency, security and efficiency in business processing. The highly scalable, virus resistant architecture on which i is based contributes to a more cost effective, dynamic application infrastructure. This session highlights new capabilities and provides insights into investment priorities and plans.

IBM Systems Storage and Power Systems

Your storage infrastructure should align with your business goals, address your risk and compliance concerns and help you streamline operations for increased efficiency. IBM’s broad portfolio of open, innovative storage technologies provides the foundation for improving service levels and managing the information explosion. This topic explores internal and external storage solutions for Power Systems. It will also address availability offerings provided by IBM i and Copy Services (FlashCopy, Metro Mirror and Global Mirror). The latest enhancements to tape technology and BRMS can also be discussed.

Virtualization in Power Systems

The IBM Power Systems family of servers includes proven, single-server consolidation platforms that help control costs while improving overall performance, availability and energy efficiency. Utilizing PowerVM and System Storage virtualization technologies across IBM i, AIX and Linux environments, clients can consolidate applications and servers on virtualized system resources, yielding a more flexible, cost effective and dynamic IT infrastructure. This topic addresses IBM's leading solutions for server consolidation and IT infrastructure virtualization with Power Systems.

Systems Management

The steady increase in physical and virtual IT resources being deployed for new and expanding business applications is fueling the requirement for good systems management solutions. The best solutions provide tools to manage systems both individually and collectively, enabling innovation in support of business growth while managing costs and risk. This session will focus on the single and multi system management capabilities provided by IBM Systems Director Navigator for i and IBM Systems Director, respectively.

Business Resiliency for Power Systems

From an IT perspective, business continuity is all about the availability and security of core business applications and data. Clients have growing requirements to keep mission critical applications in production continuously, recover data when necessary, and secure data from both internal and external threats. This session describes the availability and systems management challenges businesses are facing, then discusses solutions for achieving highly available applications and data in an IBM i environment, such as PowerHA.

Application Development

The scope of application development continues to expand and new roles emerge. A number of enhancements have been developed over the past few years. Comprehensive tools and technologies are available to address all aspects of the application development life cycle. This presentation addresses the trends, tools and strategies available for creating, maintaining and modernizing applications for IBM i and surrounding environments. Discussions typically include the IBM Rational software portfolio as well as IBM Business Partner solutions.

Experience the Rochester Support Center

This session, intended for all audiences, will showcase the Rochester Support Center - a truly world-class work environment that is home to the technical support specialists for IBM i. The objective is to provide the audience with not only a tour of the support center but to demonstrate the depth and breadth of skill that can be expected as a hardware and/or software maintenance agreement (HWMA/SWMA) customer. " Through the HWMA and SWMA services, contracted annual services, customers will learn that they are only a phone call away from a team of literally hundreds of specialists - software engineers, hardware product support specialists, and programmers - with expertise in every area of the IBM i. The audience will quickly learn that, customers are able to virtually extend their IT staff and productivity to include THE most knowledgeable IBM i support team in the world.

Experience the Rochester Customer Solution Center

This session, intended for all audiences, will showcase the Rochester Customer Solution Center (CSC) - where customized hardware and software solutions come together prior to final shipment to the customer.

This tour will demonstrate to the audience the value of utilizing the IBM Rochester CSC for integration, staging and deployment of IBM's technology solutions, which include Power Systems, as well as OEM equipment: pre-shipment validation of the fully integrated hardware and software, insuring the product is "plug and play" at the customer's site, thereby eliminating the possibility of missing equipment, software install errors, or any quality issue which would cause delays and disruption to the final installation.

The variety of solutions within the CSC ranges from network equipment, handheld scanners, PCs and Point of Sale, to Self-Serve Kiosks, Telecommunications Racks, Balanced Configuration Units and Linux Clusters. Customers will relate to the various technologies and how their own companies incorporate a variety of solutions beyond the data center or desktop for their employees' or customers' efficiency. We frequently hear from our customers, "We wish we had known about your services sooner!"

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