IBM z Systems

IBM zEnterprise offers legendary qualities of service, security, scalability, and industry leading virtual partitioning for z/OS, z/VM, and Linux. Our presentations can provide IBM z Systems updates, strategies, trends, directions, and futures. Poughkeepsie is home to mainframe development which provides customers a deep pool of on-site IBM z Systems expertise and the opportunity to speak directly with our developers.

Z Systems Software

Z Systems software enables an optimized infrastructure, cloud delivery, and integration of operational data with analytics - driving new levels of performance and cost efficiency. This topic takes the customer through updates, strategies, and futures for all z Systems Software offerings.

Cloud Computing

By deploying cloud computing, or investing in IBM Cloud solutions, customers can save money and provide unprecedented service to their end users. This topic can show customers the ideas behind Cloud Computing, the steps they need to take to create a private cloud, IBM’s Cloud offerings for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

Total Cost of Ownership and z Systems

Total cost of ownership is more than the cost of the box. When you include all of the cost (purchase costs, administration, software licensing, depreciation, environmentals etc.), z Systems have been saving customers money. Find out how.

IBM System Storage

This topic covers the broad range of IBM's storage offerings. The focus can be on the storage technology, or how it integrates with our enterprise class servers. Typical subtopics include: Disk technology overview and directions, EasyTier SSD support, Enterprise and mid-range SAN storage, N Series, Tape Storage subsystems, and SAN Volume Controller.

Green Data Center Showcase

Conveniently located a short indoor walk away, is a customer-oriented showcase of energy-efficient technologies in a working data center. We offer tours of the facility.

Service Management

Learn how to provide visibility, control and automation across all the business and IT assets to deliver higher value services.


As end users become more connected, security is an increasing concern for customers today. This session can look into security features that IBM builds into our hardware technology, or at risk management and compliance solutions we offer.

Operating Systems (z/OS™ , z/VM™, Linux®, AIX)

This topic takes customers through the business value that an operating system can provide. It can include a technical update on current operating systems as well as future plans, or focus on the business benefits a customer can expect when selecting a particular operation system.

IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerator

Companies today are processing and analyzing large quantities of structured and unstructured data. Learn how the IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerator works with zEnterprise to accelerate complex queries in a highly secure and available environment.

Business Analytics on z Systems

Structured and unstructured data can provide insights for companies if they can analyze it and draw conclusions from the results. Learn why z Systems is a strong platform to perform this analytical work on and what tools IBM has to assist customers in this process. Common sub topics would include: SPSS, Cognos, IDAA

Linux Workshops

The Linux Live workshop is intended to help customers gain an understanding of the value of Linux on zSeries and z/VM, and to assist in their decisions regarding deploying applications with Linux on the mainframe by providing the basic skills necessary to launch a Linux on zSeries and z/VM trial evaluation. The workshop is designed in modular fashion which permits attendees to choose what they want to see and learn, with minimal lecture and maximum hands-on, practicing a learning by doing methodology. Experimentation is encouraged.

IBM POWER Systems™

IBM has become the industry's number one UNIX systems provider by delivering more performance and reliability for clients' IT investments than any other UNIX or Linux system provider¹. IBM's consistent delivery of POWER™ processor-based systems offer leadership performance and modular designs that grow easily with your workload needs. This performance assurance gives you the ability to focus on business innovation without being slowed down by the capability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Security and Business Resiliency / GDPS™

Security and business resiliency is manifested in business continuity strategies, security technologies and a highly resilient infrastructure. Whether you need an introduction to the concepts, or a deep dive into technology and futures, we have speakers who are experts in this complex area. Of course. continuous availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity are hallmarks of z Systems. We offer presentations on GDPS, the business resliency service for our mainframe systems.

New Workloads on z Systems

Workloads like SOA, J2EE, and Cloud can be hosted on z Systems. We can talk with long time mainframe customers on how to grow their workload or show new customers the consolidation they can achieve with z Systems.

Fit for Purpose

This discussion focuses on how customers can evaluate different platforms and how to determine where to place different workloads. It reviews best practices in workload management and incorporates TCO concepts.

Energy Efficiency and Green IT

Efficient, green and optimized infrastructure and facilities use technologies and data center best practices that enable management of facilities and overall energy consumption in partnership with IT management.

Development Test Floor Tours

See the largest concentration of MIPS and fiberchannel I/O in the world. Take a tour of the z Systems test facility located a short walk from the briefing center. Poughkeepsie is also home to the raised floor on which the world's fastest supercomputers are tested prior to delivery.

Manufacturing Tours

Z Systems and high-end Power Systems servers are assembled, tested, and shipped throughout the world from this large facility across the parking lot from the briefing center.

Customer Solution Center tour

IBM and non-IBM equipment are built and tested for customer-specific integrated solutions.

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