Our areas of expertise include IBM hardware and software solutions.  We can organize briefings around solutions but also platform oriented briefing.

Briefing around solutions

We provide expertise in strategic topics like: Smarter Computing, Green Data Center, Cloud Computing, Smarter Planet™:

Smarter Computing

We offer a set of briefings & workshops aligned with the new IBM Smarter Computing Initiative. We have developed an IT consulting methodology which focuses on designing & defining roadmaps to better aligned IT Service delivery with business. This can cover Energy efficiency, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Security.

Smarter Planet

IBM infrastructure and platforms are at the core of advanced IT solutions for smarter cities, energy, buildings and water; which is why we are focusing our support portfolio on these initiatives as well as industry solutions. Our projects and showcases position IBM infrastructure and platforms for advanced IT solutions for a smarter planet. We can showcase all these topics in our Green Data Center and Smarter Planet Showcase.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud showcase offers immersion into the cloud by featuring and leveraging IBM Client Center Montpellier production Clouds. This demonstration assets can be used as a briefing standalone for opportunity identification or as support tools for more in-depth selling sessions or workshops. With over 5 years experience in developing & running large scale Cloud environments IBM products, we provide a whole set of briefings, demos, workshops & POC capabilities.

Smarter Analytics

We address all the hardware and software solutions for analytics, explaining our IBM Smarter Analytics strategy and portfolio, going through Data Governance capabilities & showing how to take advantage of all of your data sources with an enterprise-class big data platform.

IBM Platform Computing

We can organize briefings covering the entire Platform products and solutions: IBM Platform HPC, IBM Platform LSF, IBM Platform HPC, IBM Platform LSF, Technical Computing Cloud (including HPC and Analytics cluster - Platform Cluster Manager).

Platform oriented briefings

We cover all IBM hardware platforms:

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